There are too many incubators and not enough entrepreneurs to buy more than just exquisite PPTPromot

      shlf1314 Adsense advertising has been a long time, and on , I was often asked how to do shlf1314 Advertising, what types of advertising is best earned?. Today, we’ll talk to each other and discuss how to do the Firefox and Picasa now the background code is gone, but still billing.

rainbow is the rainbow, sometimes just a glimpse of it, far less than the brilliance of the sun in the winter, in fact, at the beginning of 2016, the business incubator began to trouble, in order to "dunk master" collapse, the classic lines is outside it is spring, but venture cafe was cold confoundedly.

venture this word, like natural with a "noble" aesthetic temperament, entrepreneurs are often better than wage earners to 50 times, if coupled with some sensational and personal charm, it is Sao to die, Bill Gates dropped out of school, the founder of Microsoft, and then become the story of the world’s richest man, is always the business circles of "the Bible", these verses later joined Zuckerberg Study hard state, he always Global Forum, chat, write code to create Facebook, now the Jewish boys price billions, run with four or five bodyguards, except that not too beautiful daughter-in-law, Zuckerberg is almost entrepreneurial young people worship God, if you count Ma, Li Kaifu and other chiefs of the legend, the business circle is a Legend hall is more wonderful than any TV play.

      of course, now do shlf1314 Adsense promotion to a lot of people, but we have a page is very simple, after no maintenance, we can also do special domain name registration, in their own site inside a single page.

I think the prime minister report the concept of China intended to stimulate the talents of innovative thinking, did not want ten thousand people to entrepreneurship, especially do not want those recruits who ran out of business, but obviously, at present China entrepreneurial market some deviation, as previously mentioned, business incubator is like a giant rainbow shining gem the life in 2015, the most exaggerated is "incubator too much, the entrepreneur is not enough" phenomenon is probably due to start too hard, smart people.

Abstract: entrepreneurship is always good, but does not belong to the workplace white, or ignorant of college students, but does not belong to speculators, the author suggests that the business incubator should return to calm, to establish screening system clear, not only can find out the project, to find out the entrepreneur, don’t let the silly money here hit happiness.

2015, put forward the development idea of "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" Prime Minister of the government work report, in order to let people in the process of creating wealth, better realize the pursuit of spirit and its value, in theory, it is a kind of reform bonus release. So, in the policy of the sun, incubator quickly became popular, to give young people quickly sketched a picture of a beautiful blueprint, surging and by capitalists, or they are manufacturing employers, or coal bosses, or other traditional industry standard soil Hao, their hands with capital a powerful, at the same time, also has a "silly", but there is no doubt that the capital for business incubator continuously modified feeding, finally, in 2015 a certain time point of body repair, like a huge rainbow, lit up the entrepreneur a bitter life.

      later, made several special pages, on the Firefox and Picasa introduced the material inside into their own shlf1314 Adsense promotion code, try to search engine included these pages. According to my own calculations, people who search directly into my Firefox browser or Picasa download page often have more than 50% downloads.

 :    : so, don’t just put your code on your own page. Even if you’re done, do some special pages. Some people say, but I can not do it, easy to do ah, in sh419 or shlf1314, casually search Firefox browser, Firefox download, and so on, look at all of these sites. Save them, and the numbers behind pub will change to yours. They must be changed, otherwise they will be free for others. And then remove other people’s counters, before a lot of people kept my counter, causing me to check their traffic are very affected, ~

the fodder, silly money may not be stupid

      the next step is to Submit search engine, so they included, for web optimization, or to other station advertising, ha ha, Gexianshentong. Eventually, the flow is the key, no one, no downloads, no income.

      head to say, I just started to do GG promotion, just a code in your web page, the effect is very poor, six thousand or seven thousand IP stations, more time is less than 5, the content of advertising than directly put much worse. Later, I went further and wrote the "browser against web viruses and rogue software" next to the advertisement. The effect was slightly better, but it was still not ideal.

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