How to create a love Shanghai Wikipedia entry Advanced

(1). According to the above step entry data >


this article for a period of time before you want to share to you, just for some reason did not do today, Peng Jinjie in this article to share.

2. reference. Now create a new entry, entry content reference is essential, if your business, product, website or just established, the media has not reported what information, so this time you must take the initiative to contact the publisher to publish some soft paper enterprises, product introduction article. There are also several requirements:

and the

said and done, maybe 2 years, or even a year ago, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is very good, even a lot of people with a Wikipedia platform to earn a lot (I am one of them, in 2012 when Taobao guest by adding links in the encyclopedia reference and in Witkey platform by love the Shanghai Encyclopedia, barely able to feed themselves).

two, prepared

familiar with the network marketing, here I will not tell Shanghai how high weight platform love nonsense, in a word, now the situation is: for the companies involved in the Internet, love Shanghai has created Wikipedia is a necessary link, but also have occupied the territory: company name, website name……

1. data entry. The first needs to create the entry information ready, especially your entries need to show what columns first listed, such as basic information, development history, corporate reputation, corporate team; the more prone to subjective statement with no reality whatever or give up, such as enterprise culture, values and so on. Of particular note is that the basic data entry is a must have, such as the enterprise to create history, business, such as the creation of.

some time ago is responsible for creating three entries for the company, which is the company name, non-standard products (product patent products, own) and the site name, for the three term Peng Jinjie is always to create the success have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, the three entries, also in the process accumulated a lot of experience, to share with you here, hope to provide help to people in need.

first statement: This article will explain the experience of those random street, for example, entry must add reference, the account must be high level and so on the basis of these, Peng Jinjie can’t speak. So for the love of Shanghai editing Wikipedia entries do not create a certain basis to recommend you to learn the basic knowledge of the internet.

but this is different from the past, don’t add links, is to create an entry, especially the company website, the entry is difficult times. We should all know that love for Shanghai Encyclopedia of business entry fee, now that we have a commercial service, is free of charge through the course is difficult.

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