The love of Shanghai into the dead cycle causes search

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I must make a lot of people feel confused, even some people don’t know what I’m saying. I’ll give you a simple example, when a user searches for "the keywords of Wuhan Shanghai dragon", "Wuhan Shanghai dragon company" will be the search results, and the "Wuhan Shanghai dragon company" has a relatively good ranking. When we click again to enter, there will be "Wuhan Shanghai dragon company ranked" keywords associated with "Wuhan Shanghai dragon company" ranking will be good, this situation is difficult to love Shanghai problem? I do not know my friends have not encountered this situation, follow the love of Shanghai the guidelines go, keep not stop search click, unable to find what you want. I said this is not all.

from that picture, love Shanghai search engines so many pages, what love is made in Shanghai this content is not the purpose? In order to improve the user experience? I don’t think so, I think the love of Shanghai in order to allow users to click twice those of the original love Shanghai search page. If Shanghai will love this vicious cycle down approach, then fell in love with the sea will continue to provide the search results, causing the user will enter a cycle of death state, will allow users to access this page cycle, let users crazy, until angrily left the love of Shanghai. In fact, allow the user to enter the cycle of death is only a superficial phenomenon, we may think of love, Shanghai is likely to grab some persistent oneself once the collection of web pages. Again, the love of Shanghai’s Shanghai dragon products do indeed in place, whether we search the main keywords or long tail keywords, fell in love with the sea did not hesitate to put all the information they know that in the eyes of the user, when we click on the go, Shanghai will be good to love the poor rankings show. If we click on a link, the link page is endless to show the search results page related keywords. Love not escape the clutches of Shanghai, the only solution is to turn off the page.

This shows that

did the content and chain related to key words when you have strong content support, how won’t have good ranking, you insist on doing this, I believe that love Shanghai is reluctant to let users search into the dead cycle of

network pioneer, 贵族宝贝360>

known as love, Shanghai is a very good website, it is generally accepted. If the user search for a keyword in love Shanghai, each page shows the 10 search results, each keyword search results of every page in the same type. Also, we search out the key links and links to click on a keyword search results, in the normal view, we call it the chain.

an idle, a string of characters that the input in the search box: site:www.baidu贵族宝贝 love Shanghai. Then the search results of these:

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