The ultimate experience of Shanghai dragon WordPress portal marketing share

is not, "structure of wordpress blog program makes the accumulation weight is the vertical structure from the bottom up, that is to say, all the weight of the inside pages will give sub page to the home page, how much is the home page weight and correlation are closely related, so the WordPress program is only suitable for single subject portals, for example my site do VOA is learning English, the following classification is VOA video, VOA English.. these are… Around the VOA to start, the theme is very simple, do so in order to accumulate the weight, so as long as the keywords associated with VOA are very good ranking. But if you do the movie, the movie classification many martial arts films, animation….., although in you feel, the classification and the movie are very relevant, but for search engines, only contain the same words, search engine will think so, in fact, cartoons and movies are not relevant. So this is not the accumulation of weight is summed up, there are many words with the lower portal, WordPress can not accumulate the weight of the website.



WordPress the biggest advantage lies in the "Shanghai Dragon

, who has done a lot of website owners will encounter this idea is to use WordPress to create a portal program, because the WordPress of the search engine is too friendly, it is easy to get ranked, but the limits of technology, or lack of experience, many webmaster never had this idea. 3 months ago, I tried this approach, after 3 months, my daily traffic reached 1000IP, while Google advertising and online sales of products, there are a lot of benefits, in this process, a feeling is very cool, in terms of efficiency, or the earnings, compared with CMS system has improved a lot, technology and experience to share, here, I put all the problems in 3 months the site detailed written, to help you bring more traffic, the common well-off society.

may be involved in the Shanghai dragon above theory is too abstract to summarize: WordPress portal, suitable for the whole station around a word portal, but not for doing a lot of keyword portal.


WordPress I have seen all the online portal template, not too cumbersome or too ugly, the most important is the online template did not overcome a fatal problem of WordPress, no PR is within the page or category pages, or PR is very low, we can see, WordPress classification, Pr more than 1, extremely rare.

1. is not all portals are suitable for WordPress to do, and thus more conducive to the Shanghai dragon

I believe that

2. WordPress do portal how to select the

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