Take over the new station to do a good optimization scheme

As for the structure optimization of

early this optimization scheme, the most important three points: comprehensive analysis, clear thinking, self-controlled. A comprehensive summary of the whole optimization, is a reflection of your optimization ability, generalization is more comprehensive, more can reflect your site for the Shanghai dragon’s ability to control, it will make the company more trust in you; clear thinking will show your ability to show you the details of the actual operation ability; be and this is very important, in the optimization scheme, not clear your optimization will have what kind of effect, because it can not guarantee anyone, you just a vague description of a general, let the company know about what progress can be.

remember, site structure optimization is the optimization scheme of the most important part, because you need to change the structure and content of the website, this will give the company a certain pressure. The new station is OK, if is old station, the company may be worried about your changes will not impact on the operation of the site, really can be improved on the basis of the original, so we must give clear reasons and clear description of your revised will be an effect how, this company.

you need to be based on the structure of website now, pointing out the defects, and gives the correct solution, but also to explain why this change, after the change will have what effect, so as to allow the company to believe you, and let you go to the operation. Of course, there is the correct structure scheme will have a lot of things, for example: you should consider the overall site structure, site within the chain layout, page classification, Robots file writing, website code sorting, web content adjustment.

analysis on competition

of Shanghai dragon Er, both came to a new company or their own new over a website to optimize it, the first thing to do is to make a optimization scheme, one is for their future work plan, the two is to give people a copy of their work for the program station, let the company will give you the website assured.

should be said that no matter what type of website, when doing the optimization scheme, you must take into account these analysis, the structure of the station competitors outside the chain optimization, station layout.


should list the main competitors and detailed information on competitor’s website in your optimization scheme, including the chain, the high quality of the chain, included, PR value, then the best main rival chain channels. At the same time in this place should be given to his rival to transcendence, let’s see the prospect of optimization. Do the analysis of competitors is a very important work, have done the analysis, you can better locate their own website, we can know that this keyword can, on their own after the selection of key words, layout and so on are of great help.

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