Search engine optimization how to improve the conversion rate of website content

there are a lot of companies are not to pay attention to such a point, the content of the website is aimed at web site keywords to update, even if your ranking is very good, can not cause the attention of the customer, let them sleep to check the quality of your website content is not real, or false original article. So the website conversion rate is relatively low, the success rate is very small.

do some high quality content, such as the original content, it can bring traffic to the site which is a good thing, but it wants to spend too much energy, your article in to get traffic from search engines, in order to convert traffic to customers. Therefore our purpose is not to flow in, but the customer, you can bring the user experience.

content of the good and bad, can bring to the content of the website conversion rate, now many webmaster to update the contents, are in some large websites reproduced in some articles, after the head, tail, the middle, the title change over to his hair Department website. It is a false original article. The modified local search engine is more important, search engines will be included this article to you, and when people see, if you can read it, that this totally depends on this is good, is not professional.


has a slogan is to say: people rely on clothes, by Liang makeup beauty. Shanghai dragon also has the truth: stand by Shun art, depending on the content. The feeling is not so smooth, but always interesting ingredients. This beauty is that a website opened, all animation, the form is not beautiful, if it is from the point of view of appreciation, it is called beauty, but can only be a beauty, because it still lack a beauty, that is the beauty of content. A website is good or bad, he had to watch your visitors or the content of the web site.


we must know the content is king, this truth. The above content is that, because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also hope that the webmaster have the same feeling with me! Author: Ding Shang (贵族宝贝w>

site can obtain flow, content is the key, it should be a lot of Shanghai dragon ER understand this, take your article on the A5, A5 how much traffic one day, I don’t know, but I’m sure that you will have to flow from the A5 in your article. No matter how high the weight of your site, without good content, still do not have much traffic.

website is not to say that as long as there is a word, the article is smooth, this is not enough, also want to consider the user experience, so the content of the website should be how to do? Now there are many webmaster, in the update, will be for the keywords to update the content of the website. This is a good way to improve the site traffic. But some of our sites on the Internet to see the contents are based on the keywords to do, it is a little naked feeling, one eye will see the site updated articles are in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the search engine of the content.

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