Personal webmaster do optimization the monthly income of over a million is not a dream

I think, now, as a novice webmaster you may also have the same problem. I want to put forward some suggestions and experience to help more friends to improve traffic, increase revenue, truly with "white fat own website".

website theme selected, then to build a website, because now the search engine rankings, more and more consideration to the user experience.

the second website before, must do the theme of the optimization, the selected topic is a big problem, I remember that in the site, the theme is to choose "Studio Classroom", the word daily love Shanghai index less than 300, even if it is to achieve the ultimate, with a long tail keywords, day flow but also over 500, so the monthly income is only a few hundred yuan. Later, in order to solve this problem, I chose the word "listening", the word competition is very large, although there are tens of thousands of daily search volume, but I do not do this for nearly a year, finally gave up. You should see it to understand what I mean, when selecting a theme, the choice of a degree of competition is not too large, for individual webmaster, choose a love in the words of the 3000-6000 Shanghai index as the theme is more appropriate, so that in the six months to a year, you can go to the first word optimization ranking page, the fastest growth rate. Then I do the English learning website, the theme is "VOA", the word spent half a year, to reach fifth, daily site traffic there are about 1700 to a half of the site, the data is really reliable.

personal webmaster, a lot of people think this is a grass root of the title, but also a counter attack when the grass root, individual stationmaster, also many yuan monthly income of Gao fushuai. From 2009 to now, look at the breakdown of their own web site optimization has been 5 years, these years, there are many examples, I also learned a lot, of course, their income will continue to increase. 5 years ago, every month hundreds of pieces of advertising will make me happy for a long time, think about the past, and not on their own websites are not careful, just not proficient in website optimization, do not know how to improve the flow, do not know how to use the flow of money.

here, first of all to say, do, must do the station. Single page station, cheating station, station sites like. The last two years, I didn’t see a single page ranking to the first, have not seen the garbage station for more than half a lifetime. Most importantly, browse on the Internet to discuss garbage, I have not seen any comprehensive advertising click on the word income can be more than $0.05 (3 cents). On the contrary, the excellent website advertising price can reach $0.2 per click, the ranking is also very stable. So I want to say is, you do a daily traffic of 20 thousand garbage sites, may not have a daily traffic of less than 1000 of the traveling income is high, but do not know which day, you stand by K, income has gone.

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