Small and medium sized business website to enhance the flow of law Shanghai Longfeng detailed optimi

electronic commerce website now innumerable few success, failure, the majority. Through the way of optimization of the flow of Shanghai dragon is various, especially some small and medium-sized business website, there is a certain degree of difficulty in the optimization: 1, small and medium-sized electrical products usually small in number; 2, targeted keyword expansion difficult; 3, the lack of website content. These are the problems encountered in the Shanghai dragon Er when optimizing.

two: good user experience

electronic commerce website has its unique place, unlike the forum and information portal content can be obtained to the accumulation of popularity, but the electronic commerce website is mainly by selling products to profit, if not their own brand is not strong advertising budgets, so through the Shanghai dragon means to obtain the flow is relatively direct method the only access to traffic into high quality to bring hope to our website.

1, core keywords choice of Shanghai love to pay promotion more or less, if there are 8-10 love Shanghai promotion of the website front, so the key to bring traffic is very little. Two see the standard competition is how to optimize, is not a professional staff or team in optimization, only one or two such sites are more than just a matter of time opponent, and most of the competitors have to optimize the professional team, optimize the cost of this word is too large, the rankings are not too stable. This keyword is not desirable.

expansionOne of the selection criteria: main keywords The


electronic commerce website is to let the customer demand to the website to buy things, a good user experience can largely enhance the customer’s desire to buy, in the optimization of the time these links have been done: ask from browsing, pre purchase, sale view to express is need to do more fine better, to provide customers with satisfaction, sincere service experience. For example, a detailed description of the goods, the picture is not good, how to pay, order inquiries will need to pay attention to. In addition because the mall site pictures are open speed also affects the speed of the server.

2, mining long words and keywords in small e-commerce sites are engaged in many popular products, so many of them are popular keywords, we are doing the word did not need to make great efforts to participate, need to make full use of advantages of mining expansion of the long tail key words, this kind of keywords targeted. High conversion rate optimization ranking is not difficult, long tail keywords is a beat competitors to win. The long tail word to long-term collection, can use the keyword tool and nobility baby love Shanghai index search query, and love Shanghai know and find the needs of users in search ask.

: to determine the core keywords and long tail keywords

to solve the above problems, according to the known optimization techniques of Shanghai dragon to share with you some small and medium electricity supplier website:

The sole purpose of The

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