The application of search engine Quixey financing 60 million lead investor Softbank Ali


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in June last year, Quixey in mountain view, rented a 56 thousand square feet (about 5203 square meters) of the office building, the total number of employees 130 people. (Yu

before this round of financing, Quixey has accumulated $74 million 900 thousand of financing. The company CEO · Tangmo; Kagan (Tomer Kagan) and chief scientific officer Lilun · Shapira (Liron Shapira) 2009 co founded the company, designed for large manufacturers, operators, search engines and web application search function application.

technology news Beijing time on February 12th morning news, the application of search engine Quixey has a value of $600 million, nearly $60 million in financing. Alibaba and lead investor Softbank, Twitter, Goldman, GGV Capital, Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) Innovation Endeavors and George · Soros (George Soros)’s investment institutions with investment.

Twitter is involved in this round of financing shows interest in the social networking platform for mobile developers to increase. Twitter last October launched a set of tools for third party development.

company is known as "mobile application search areas of Google in 2012, the service of the network crawling, collecting and application related blogs, comments and information in social networks.

search engine Quixey was Ali Softbank investment of nearly $60 million

completed $50 million C round of financing in 2013 Quixey Kagan, pointed out: "to 2016 there will be 1 billion 500 million people using smart mobile devices."

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search engine Quixey had just $600 million valuation of nearly $60 million financing. Alibaba and lead investor Softbank, Twitter,

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