The enterprise website optimization promotion only five simple steps

second: select the

website to adjust the structure of

content released by keyword The first point:

in the development of the Internet today, basically every door enterprises have established their own websites, but the enterprise should to do the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, I believe that many companies are not very clear, do not have their own special Shanghai dragon optimization team in many enterprises, many of the search engines in fact, whether it is confused, Shanghai dragon to the enterprise website or the enterprise sales is very good, the site of Shanghai Longfeng enterprise more and more important.

from the site itself, in the construction site try not to use flash, large flash on the net users will need to load for a long time, and the flash of Se, is not included, because Shanghai dragon cannot read the flash file. The layout of the site, the best layout using div+css method, not only can improve website loading speed, but also for the Shanghai dragon is very friendly, div+css is compared to table, why div+css have some advantages, because the layout of table is table needs to be completely finished loading will show the complete contents of the table, not a part of part of the show, and div is a small piece of small, so that the user is very friendly, improve the site access speed, is also an important factor influencing Shanghai dragon. URL, to use the address of pseudo static or static form instead of dynamic URL, static address can let spiders have a look at this site is what kind of, is of epoch-making significance of the spider crawling.



if your business is the manufacture of measuring instrument, if the start on the choice of such keywords, then the optimization is also very test; in fact we in the selection process should also be popular keywords localization, localization, differentiation, such as the Beijing Shanghai measuring instrument, measuring instrument and the like, from some long tail keywords start slowly, bigger and stronger, rather than to start directly to the impact of the primary key, it can also develop their own information, more can quickly improve the site’s weight. And also is good, can in the beginning to gain some turnover, raise some traffic sites in fact, so to subdivide the website space is very large, the industry segments, you will see a lot of dawn.

if you set up a keyword, then the key is undoubtedly your heart, release some of the keyword articles about the article, can go to Shanghai to find love, can go to the noble baby search, and so is the way you need to do, how to find some good news source, find the latest information about the the goods, the latest reports, the key is to do the content, the weight of these keywords can accurately maintain the website, and the keyword is not > ruler bone.

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