Talk about love Shanghai statistics to solve the inaccurate site command


4 site, the station itself, a large part of his heart is to make a bottom, can replace get more accurate value it is feasible to use a script, and I can flow through the statistical background to realize the effective inspection. But it may be you to ignore, site spent most of the places are not occupied, but when the exchange Links used. Estimation of specific data of a very small part of the people will exchange a friendship to use scripts to detect other site index, this one, how to better solve? The index number is certainly not the site in the search engine index rating of a web site. This is very.

What is a more accurate method of

1, to monitor the traffic from search engines. This is the most direct and essential. If the flow rate is not big fluctuations, while the numerical site under the huge fluctuations, this only shows that the inaccuracy of site search results for. If the flow rate is not big fluctuations, but in fact the new page is has been included, just because the ranking is not good, so did not flow over, so you can not say that the results of the site can only say that weight is not high?. As a new station, a certain period is a process of accumulation, may flow and not so important, but included indeed are very important. On behalf of is that you have entered the Shanghai index of love.

3, love Shanghai statistical in the same statistics is accurate

as a webmaster, if SEM want to study deeply, I can frankly, data analysis is a must. The so-called Shanghai dragon skills in the network to the search of the most bits and pieces, others chew rest, not what use and even harmful things. One of the first things to learn is the webmaster, do in-depth analysis of their web logs, and can do all the problems and analysis.

!In fact,

site grammar set the original intention, is actually the desired user can set constrained search range, to achieve a more precise search. The same as intitle, inurl, is essentially the same. In these advanced grammar results, as with conventional search, are "valuation", rather than the exact value. Therefore, it is possible to site the "results" reduce the number, the actual number could be indexed to increase.

2, the URL sampling monitoring station. Some URL have been included in the search engine, then take out a collection, as included condition monitoring set; new URL day was not included, can also monitor the state index. The script is easy to write, this sampling based evaluation is also very effective. URL sampling monitoring, a collection of monitoring methods, so I think, for our small webmaster or personal webmaster, at this stage, in the eyes of the little master script is probably an insurmountable mountain. On the Internet, because it is grassroots Adsense account for the vast majority of the part.

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