How can we say that Shanghai dragon will perish

about Shanghai dragon will die this topic, I can not help but want to say a few words, search engine and Shanghai dragon is a complementary relationship, no matter how search engines of development and change, he always cannot do without the website to do practitioners, to optimize the user experience, to help users better search engine trust the result display page.

in recent days, several of my friends asked me to do Shanghai dragon, they say a lot about "love Shanghai in the fight against the Shanghai dragon" topic to see online, and said Shanghai dragon soon to die, I directly told them, as long as the search engine, does not exist Shanghai dragon will disappear. I also read a lot of Web1.0, Web2.0, Web3.0, web on this a few points, I am not very clear, but I know that the Internet is now in the Web2.0 era, others predict the upcoming Web3.0 will make the search engine’s effect gradually weakened, I don’t think a person, I will only think at that time, Shanghai will no longer be called love love Shanghai, and will be on a line with Web3.0 search engine will come out.

I think the future direction of Shanghai Dragon: will focus more on the user experience, rather than your original writing how well outside the chain how many, I remember love Shanghai official said a word, probably meant to do valuable content to users. This sentence is very general, my personal understanding of this sentence is: to write original articles, but no value content to the user, as well as reproduced value to the users of the article.

source: Nanchang Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon jian贵族宝贝/ p=28

but I don’t think this imaginary search engine will be so smart, can fully understand the behavior of users, and China Internet users continues to grow, they will have a lot of different search habits, which leads to the management of the website, the page is optimized and the related recommendation.



finally, believe in yourself, Shanghai, there is a long way to go, buddies, come on!

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