Application platform play or not to play

professional name: APP interactive entertainment platform, there are a lot of practical small procedures, and then look at the application platform renren贵族宝贝:

the answer whether or not, think of those who sell traffic, do traffic station, traffic is not what station itself is the value of the site, not to mention the user experience. The second is the selection in the flow of the user experience, or selection in the content of the user experience. It can be said that now most of the webmaster friends selection in the flow of user experience, user experience drawbacks of this approach is a must to establish a stable keywords ranking, once the site of Shanghai Longfeng problems, will soon lose a lot of traffic. But if you choose the effect on the content of the user experience, in fact, the essence of a website is the content and mode of operation. If the goal of the website to grasp the psychology of the masses, the need to continue to explore, continue thinking. When your website has become a brand in the target audience psychology, user trust your website, then you can say that you have been successful. For example: Love Novels in the online netizens, certainly love novels full of more novel website, and if free. Hate the most is looking at the novel pop up from time to time an advertisement.

second: seize the theme of the site, the center to obtain stable flow




: the first flow rate increases, the user experience is good

are "small game, the fundamental purpose website application platform is very simple: the circle of visitors, many netizens also love web games to renren贵族宝贝 is to play a game". Now a popular web games and online games with the game player almost, the application platform can be a lot of traffic circle? So if you’re a webmaster, can also add a platform on their own websites, like fire games or what are good test. But in the play before, the author thought that must consider the following two questions.

is a successful web site must have a clear theme, highlighting the central content. Of course, the website also can increase some attract small area, but it should be noted that priorities.

now the web game has been flooded, it is deep, usually when nothing on the Internet, suddenly a page will pop out. Content is something not too the picture of health, sometimes playing a it is not fun, you turn out a bomb out of a very sick. No way, who let so many people play games. ". Since the Tencent QQ farm, "the game is like a surging in an unbroken line, like the flood of the Yellow River, a get out of hand. I recently noticed many large websites also began to play: "application platform", is actually a web game. I don’t usually play web games, may be OUT. It doesn’t even have Baidu mood.according:

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