The problem is the most difficult time to optimize your website

is the most bitter, want to quickly the new ranking is not no chance, is rarely, so do the content in a comprehensive angle do a website is appropriate to do construction inside and outside the chain, is a must. This is the basic skills, basic does not seem so shortcut, search engine to give some new sites to do the ranking is not a lot of opportunities.

3, but the search engine does not give a shortcut, only do a good job of basic skills.

2, the optimization time is long, there are views of customers;

website optimization we all know that each search engine has fixed the update cycle, that is to say your site again good also to wait for the update cycle of search engine update, you can have the opportunity to rank. For a new website for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is a challenge to strong work, never included in the new station included, ranking from included no ranking to the first ten pages, then the first five pages, and then to the home page ranking, this time is suffering, also cannot think fast, especially the new station. But the boss is not the same, he must be ranked in a limited time, otherwise you’ll need to back, in this harsh competitive environment, improve the occupation ability of Shanghai dragon is a must, including the other side door heresy techniques appropriate also needs to be done, because the customer is to do effective time, key words do home page, care about the results, regardless of how you process. As the largest Shanghai Longfeng yields are key words on the front page, it can produce benefits, the benefits of today, how to quickly improve the ranking of the site is most in need of efficiency optimization. Why do you say that, the author analysis the reasons from the perspective of

1, the optimization of a long time, Shanghai Longfeng cost more:

website optimization time is longer, you need to do more work based, for example: update, update the chain, if no longer ranked, so do the Shanghai dragon cost more. This is not just the cost of the cost of human resources, there is the possibility of the overall cost of other resources, so you get more time, so the cost is high, if done for the enterprise, low efficiency will put the company’s benefit consumed.

when the site optimization for a few months to see results, then the client will have your opinion on the optimization efficiency, customer value and the time, if in a limited time, did not see any effect, so the boss of our employees Shanghai dragon’s ability to doubt, retreat a single chance relatively large, if the back of Shanghai, is the biggest loss in Phoenix, because before you do it, nothing is working up some still can be guaranteed, so the Shanghai dragon industry is to rely on the ability to eat, you do not have the ability to have basic money, no ability is also very difficult to expand the big business.

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