How to use fast through the observation period love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology


website introduced by the major search engines of the new baby aristocracy, sites are usually enter the elite baby sandbox, in the sandbox, the search engine is usually a period of observation on the new site, so the site is the new ranking is low.

Then the corresponding

first, the site to determine the type of site and direction, site title, target keywords on the front line, do not modify the site included in. Or do other station optimization (site of the internal connection optimization has a direct impact on the ranking), for example, 404 pages (404 error page included good help website), robots, URL static, etc..

share with you today and how fast the new station with the time at least through the love of Shanghai "observation period". For launching a new website, can make solutions to love Shanghai observation period in the online time, you can in the shortest time to love Shanghai "sandbox", so as to let love Shanghai faster collection and release your website content pages, allowing users to quickly search the relevant information. Let you win at the starting line.

then add a few original articles of high quality, Shanghai to wait for love and included snapshot. Then, love Shanghai general for the new website, website snapshot and content pages are updated in 2 weeks time, but recently, Shanghai will love the new website home page snapshot a week at a time, and are in the big update weekly time will put out a part of the page from this situation, Shanghai has started to say to your site’s content has a certain trust.

sandbox is the search engine to the site of the "assessment period" during this period, the love Shanghai also has a sandbox effect for new sites, but love Shanghai is called the sandbox: observation period. Usually all new sites will experience a period of time; but this time is usually 30 days to 180 days.

if possible please try to adhere to consistent with the previous three months, the related content of at least half a month earlier or a month to update the site, rather than to start large and meaningless regardless of quality.

But based on the principle of

from those aspects of the problem should be noticed? Here are a few ways to quickly out of love Shanghai observation period.

, or that the website weight problem, love Shanghai and will not immediately put out, so this time must not be impatient, as long as we insist on doing it, patiently waiting for it.

second, love Shanghai included or snapshot your homepage (usually love Shanghai will have a quick snapshot of your home page snapshot and release, but is certainly not possible to put out the first), not all of a sudden release of a large number of the chain (website before love Shanghai not included more don’t need to do the chain) first, do website content, timing and quantitative release of original content, can not be a radical began to reprint, others collected articles on the site.

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