Only five strokes fun love Shanghai promotion space

therefore, a good article, through love Shanghai space can get unexpected results.

many friends have been popularized on video, such as movie station, is the most.

love love Shanghai Shanghai space is one of the three interactive products, as well as know, Post Bar, love Shanghai’s own products promotion is the webmaster has been keen on the way. However, although Shanghai is a space of love in the eyes of everyone a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, "blog promotion", has a unique value in my eyes. One is the love of Shanghai for their product preferences, and promotion of the second to know Post Bar more flexible way. Today is to share their love in Shanghai space experience.

three: promotion video

two: promotion picture

we look at this article of the statistical data of the author will understand, love Shanghai space not easily by those new articles, when your article comments, messages, there are space friends click browse, once included, from the search engine will bring a lot of traffic.

sex space, first to understand what is the positioning of space. Many webmaster friends generally believe that the nature of space and the Sina blog is the same, is the blog, then you are wrong. We look at the positioning of love Shanghai for space:

many pictures website, they have done optimization of wedding photography website, customers pay more attention to the industry effect, such as "wedding photography", therefore, how to get their pictures to be in search of love Shanghai pictures, become the source of traffic is a big problem in the past, our approach is to these pictures on their own website, to promote the love of Shanghai included articles and pictures, the efficiency is very low, limited citation rate love Shanghai. However, through the love of Shanghai, these images can easily be included, and can edit caption and source free. It can even become a picture of the chain.

: a soft Wen promotion wayShanghai

simple words: make new friends, let the world find you. For this is the love of Shanghai, location space. For this, compared to other blog space, love Shanghai space much more interactive, developed Hi chat tools, more interactive games, more similar to the renren贵族宝贝 model. Therefore, we write love Shanghai space soft, released after the first time you notice friends, is recommended to pay attention to key words. In addition, we generally complain that included the amount of space is not high, in fact, when you have the certain interaction, and the article was included in the search engine will have a high ranking. You see my article.




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