To investigate whether there is pure text links to enhance the site weight function


if the pure text links no use, then you can answer these two questions?


1, why there are many webmaster or chain publisher in the forum signature or posting content in earnest to their own web site to write up

2, not to say that the online submission can bring a lot of the chain? This paper will not be reproduced? Well, you’ve seen a few links appear in the form of hypertext, since most are pure text, why are there so many people in the A5 and Chinaz web site submission (of course do not rule out some really share the experience of the

if you can’t answer, it can only be said that pure text links are, so in the end what effect, we first come from the user point of view the problem. If one day, you see an article on a forum, you feel very exciting, this article there is a link, but the links are plain text, click on the deal, but you also want to see more articles, then you will not copy and paste the link to your browser. Then press enter? If you would, search engines like this, only the technical means to deal with the different search engines don’t even text recognition is the ability to link or keywords are not? So, the search engine is to know that he is a pure text link or keyword. So, I know, is not that he will pass the text to link up to your website? The answer is not

recently read an article, say pure text links do not, he is not the burden of user clicks, click on the search engine is not, therefore, is not a spider crawling this link, do not take up this link, the link text is not working, he even took the case to explain. His case is this. He and his friends made a similar website, his website first line, followed by his website every day to do text links, while his friend did not, only the anchor text, time soon after, his friend website ranking but he went to the above, he decided to. Pure text links is not working, is not worth the hair.


spider crawling URL will only form links and pure text links he wouldn’t go climbing! As mentioned above, the text can not click on the link. However, although not the spider crawling text links, can’t go to your web site does not mean on site

if this is not a journal article, I might just laugh it off, since then I think of your article, it is necessary to study a text link is really useless. What is the starting point of the search engine? Is the user experience, when the search engine to your site is just an ordinary user, now the search engine more and more intelligent, is not that moron, allows you to easily bullied. So, we want things to the user’s point of view.

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