Three setting methods of the construction of the chain in the forum signature

we all know, the general content of the thread name is normal, not bold without special effects, so we put their signature using the BOLD effect can be very good and content separately, but also easier to let users see, and not only to the site to increase the chain, but also can increase the exposure rate of the site, and this method is much better than the first one.


character signature shown above, so show special text >

if you look carefully, you will find some high level forum signature membership is a good reference object. For example, in the A5 forum, the grade of membership to A5, its signature word is unlimited, then we can put their own personalized signature, which let users can see at a glance the contents of my signature. Figure:

for this setting method is especially suitable for some word limit forum, because if the signature is made of special effects, conspicuous, easily make words beyond the limit. Of course, this setting can only be used in the construction of the chain, to improve their website visibility and exposure rate has little effect, after all, small font is difficult for users to find. But for us to use the forum to do outside the chain is also a good choice.



relatively, because many forums have level and signature word limit, so if the signature is too long, will not show, so we use the forum to do the signature chain, natural setting method choice is as simple as possible. Figure:

personality show

two, the anchor text in bold type

forum will have certain limitations, such as personalized signature in A5 forum is increased with the level of words, generally reaching the A4 level, the number of BBS signature is enough, can be placed at least two hundred or three hundred characters, then what is good enough. When using the forum for the construction of the chain, not only to the chain, and other additional features, of course, you need to set out a signature, such as the anchor text. Bold, bold, as shown in figure


in website optimization, the force of the chain has been undeniable. But in the webmaster circle, website optimization is the most important goal is to increase the site outside the chain, so as to improve the site weight. In the construction of the chain, the most used non personal webmaster forum outside the chain is, the forum outside the chain and the chain is mainly caused by the character signature. How do the local settings? This problem I believe that many owners have their own opinion. Today I see with their own solutions to talk about how to do the forum signature settings, set at the same time there are several signature.

three, type

, a simple type of



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