How will the PC site into a beautiful mobile station what to do optimization

after reading the above, you know how to optimize the PC station early? The old saying: a negative wood workers. Similarly, hope and share all the webmaster.

ah! 2, do not use flash

6, the website is using the Html5 language, Google has now revised support HTML5, what are you waiting for?

1, the resolution should be adaptive to the website. The web page can adapt to the size of the window, when the window becomes small page can zoom, rather than the horizontal scroll bar. Just imagine: in the mobile phone pages need to use your finger to drag the page to see the full content, this experience I believe no one will love you.

3, do not pop, and floating ads. When users browse the web page, the face suddenly jumped out of the window advertising will very much. At the same time, these small pop, floating ads screen effect that is frightening. Some owners pointed out that in order to promote the enterprise must do, kiyokata suggestions left contact in a prominent position, users will naturally come to.

4, click on the link to the region obviously. The user can clearly distinguish between what is and what is the content of the link, without worrying about the wrong point, suddenly flew out, which helps to improve the user experience.

5, the size of the page to control. The page is too big, cause the server load time longer than 3S, the page will not display normal. In general, the control can be around 50K.

At 5

. This is a search engine spider does not recognize flash, cannot read things, nature will not have a crush on the. On the other hand, the flash page will affect the response speed of mobile phone users do not see the page cache the circle of love. In addition, flash is also more water

with the mobile phone function more and more powerful, mobile web site has become a major trend. Careful webmaster often find web traffic has been more than half from the mobile terminal, which means that the mobile phone terminal has friendly web page is urgent. The mobile website, can not beat clever webmaster friends. However, some owners found that the mobile terminal page "hard to do the ugly, why is this? Don’t worry, today Suzhou Shanghai dragon and all the chatter chatter PC site into a mobile site to pay attention to what, in order to create a beautiful mobile station.

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