Love Shanghai Substantial revision and noble baby pictures similar


love Shanghai image search interface screenshot

love Shanghai image search page increases the classification index, users can directly from the specific classification directly find the picture. The picture index includes high quality picture album, love Shanghai Philharmonic live a number of partners to provide, greatly convenient for users to search for the specific content of the picture.

enthusiasts love Shanghai (Baiduer贵族宝贝.cn) news picture is always love Shanghai love sea many products one of the most popular user products concern, love Shanghai image search engine is the largest Chinese image search engine, Shanghai love all kinds of pictures from the 800 million Chinese Webpage extraction, the content of tree construction included a more comprehensive Chinese picture library. "Ape" and love in Shanghai are also trying to improve and continue to explore, and hope to bring a better user experience for the majority of users. In July this year, Shanghai people love picture search results change, increase the love Shanghai Encyclopedia pictures. From the top of the menu screen is moved to the left side of the page. In September 25th, Shanghai love pictures once again quietly revised.

in the first revision of the image search results at the same time, the top and bottom are set to love Shanghai auction to advertisers, advertising and search results page below are arranged at the bottom of the relevant search. When the mouse over the picture, picture display, picture text, picture size and source. At the same time, love Shanghai canceled the original pictures at the bottom of page, scroll bar into automatic loading, loading the page, the user can manually click "upload more pictures" to continue loading. The user page step is omitted. This version has not yet determined the whole basin or parts of system on-line test. The Internet practitioner refers to the obvious imitation of Google image display.


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