Let the elephant ant shake website ranking optimization of thousands of holes in the set

for the formal a rule which is the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the title words appear to follow the natural and reasonable. However, part of the webmaster website to love all the words are added to the title, the standard title words is 80 characters, 40 Chinese characters, master Leng is filled with 40 Title Chinese characters or more before they feel comfortable. In fact, to create their own brand website is very negative, because users do not see the name of your web site, only 30 Chinese characters title display properly, the natural ellipses represent. The title and keyword stuffing seemingly can increase keyword density is conducive to improve the ranking, in fact, the search engine for the optimization of the title cheating judgment is very strong, and keyword stuffing in the title for the search engine to see obvious signs of optimization. So, the title do not stack keywords, everything is comfortable and can stop, go with the flow.

website optimization process often modify the structure of the website is a major drawback, once the site to determine the correct interface structure do not do modify. But when the website was revised, if it is new that the problem is, if the website operation for more than three months still frequently modify the interface structure, then drop right, not included by K, all will visit your site. At the same time, the site in the operation of frequent changes in structure, make the site in the search led Zhi image falls again, until it is disposed as garbage station. At the same time bring a large number of invalid website links, these links are related to the search engine spiders crawl, but after the revision, the website also re entered the review period, this is a cycle of complete darkness, so that be sure to be not easily revised, because all of the revision of the ranking will fall down, this is you can not see the.


Title keyword stuffing

frequently modify the structure of the website

for now, Shanghai dragon has reached the state of our optimization. If you have a website, modify title, update the content, then send the chain, it can be said that in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. But in the Shanghai dragon world, there are also two kinds of Shanghai dragon state, is a regular operation of Shanghai Longfeng means we often say that the white hat Shanghai dragon; is not a formal operation means that Shanghai dragon black hat Shanghai dragon or cheat Shanghai dragon. However, the formal Shanghai dragon although very attractive to owners, because the ranking goes up is very stable, but there is a drawback is very time consuming, a slightly hot new optimization keywords but powerless, so more love is not a webmaster to use a little when the Shanghai dragon, known as black hat, this optimization method another benefit is that it can save a lot of waiting time, but the negative effect is very big, is K, right down, the ranking is not stable and so on are the main consequences. Today, what I talk about to let the website ranking thousands of holes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization method.

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