Love Shanghai know that you can not be so tough

2, in order to improve the user experience, all users of

for users to consider, "decoration" not only in the search results, and polymerization of "decoration contract" and "Feng Shui decoration" and other common knowledge classification. The problem of on line, in order to provide to the user, retain users. In fact, the user experience is high website, search engine is more love.

related to the subject of the page

in the "relevant content" on the basis of added four sets, will undoubtedly enhance the viscosity and related website internal links. For example, in the search for "love Shanghai know ZTE V880", then under the relevant content to recommend other products ZTE content, enhance the theme of the web page.

1, strengthen internal chain, enhance the

? The first

: Zhengzhou 贵族宝贝 Shanghai /30.html

Shanghai Pengfei dragon dragon

then love Shanghai know this small change, why Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng Pengfei say "love Shanghai know the first page of the search results is to occupy the Shanghai love to go"? This is a reason.

saw me with a red frame a part? This is the newly added (as to what time on the line, I do not know, anyway, now have). This is when I’m in love Shanghai know search "formaldehyde", a random find, but in the following, love Shanghai know recommended "formaldehyde to me:" manufacturers ": formaldehyde pollution, formaldehyde sensor:" formaldehyde release quantity standard: "four, is a problem clean sweep. Shanghai is also trying to know love will retain users.

in this case can tell us many small owners, interested friends can think about how to learn.

so this is not a case of

recently launched a new station, began to do the promotion, we all know that the new promotion, Shanghai is essential to know love. Because I love Shanghai know to flow more directly, but love Shanghai know tough or scare me. If the previous Shanghai occupied the first page know love love Shanghai in search results, everyone thinks that love is artificially increased the weight of Shanghai, now the Shanghai love knows it is deserved. Are you confused? Look at this map, maybe you have a clue.

and I know in love Shanghai in search of other keywords, such as "decoration" and "ZTE V880", found that this phenomenon is very common, now that Shanghai really know love revision, but the change is good.

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