Lee on line on the first stage outside the chain of tools and Scindapsus algorithm to answer

2) of the user experience has very good promotion extending high quality reading, to a certain extent is supported; citation link is a respect for the original attitude;

March 8th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform webmaster [Lee on line] the community to carry out the first stage — to the chain tools and algorithms Scindapsus answering activities. Lee will focus on "rejected outside the chain of tools" and "green" algorithm to interact with the webmaster. As of 3.15 PM 14:00 activity, the activity is still continuing.

(2) press release content related links: extended reading, citation links

1) this simple links to the sale area obviously taken into account, the chain can be achieved through the sale of the site to ensure the authenticity of the recommendation;

link: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-10017-1-1.html

station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) news March 12th, late February, Shanghai "love chain search algorithm upgrade for the chain link cheating and trading behavior launched Scindapsus algorithm. Scindapsus algorithm after the launch, the link trading platform, link purchase and cheating sites will be influenced. Some of the big chain trading platform has thus punished, the site was K. In March 1st, Shanghai refused to love Webmaster Platform chain tool beta the version of the webmaster open beta. Scindapsus algorithm and refused to launch outside the chain of tools have attracted great attention and discussion in the circle. Many webmasters have about love in Shanghai for sale links and links the attitude of cheating and through formal means to optimize the website if there is a small amount of buy links and would cheat received penalties and other issues.

: some questions and answers


only questions Scindapsus aureus related issues, it is not polite.

1) text link advertising: the first screen of many sites, there will be text link trading area

the webmaster Hello, there is no love Shanghai recognized the link trading behavior, we believe that trying to malicious manipulation of search engine ranking behavior in our further reaction in.

question: whether there is love Shanghai recognized the link of business behavior. Examples:



(3) cooperation forum activities, for example, some businesses in the forum regularly carry out promotional, promotional stickers regularly published, and recommended the link

hard LEE, as a generalization of the normal behavior, can not avoid the dissemination of a wide range of links, if accidentally touch the high-voltage wire link, so hope to learn more about.



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