Do you only need to optimize the key Shanghai dragon

by improper I believe that many owners like to do "network" keywords immediately chose the words "network" to do, how to start a new station, on the choice of keywords a considerable competition to do, what do you take to weight high website? As a new competition? The website or the sub sub select an index is not too high, the competition is not too big words to start! The only way you can put the keywords ranking up, so as to obtain the corresponding flow


is not attractive: webmasters may think that writing content the user will see, not knowing the title role, so webmaster must study how to write a catchy title, because a good title but an article on Oh, users browse articles is generally the first to browse the title, and then decide whether to browse this article, so a good title can directly guide the user click behavior, is significant to improve the content of the hits, is one of the key factors to improve the website PV.

poor user experience: many owners think that the content can be a good job, do you think, Shanghai dragon can not only just need to do content Oh, but also make users to reflect, if your web page is ugly, but users consult you, you do not reply, how can such a site visit is not immediately leave? So the user experience is priority among priorities. A website you want to do, not only high quality content, but also to a good user experience

a lot of mistakes is mainly reflected in:


content of low quality: for a new website, only original content to recruit love Shanghai love, on the other hand, if a large number of copy articles to enrich their own website, even if the spider came to your site, look at the stereotyped website may soon left, in the course of time spiders are not to climb on your site, so you shouldn’t do website ranking, website or recommend the use of original content, let the spider love on your site, so that the spider to give you a higher ranking, this is the quality of the content, so do Shanghai Longfeng first need to improve the quality of the content of

! !Keywords:

many novice webmaster thought Shanghai dragon is the optimization of key words, immediately chose several popular keyword index is higher, in the title of the page, began to do the so-called Shanghai dragon, such as hair outside the chain, reprint reprint articles, and then it was love Shanghai included, but the site does not flow, don’t Shanghai dragon is the optimization of key words in fact?. Shanghai dragon to consider many aspects, such as the kind of user experience, so you know where you are wrong? Shanghai, in the end what to do


outside the chain of low quality: perhaps the most new webmaster is directly to the XXX forum or blog XXX direct reply Web links, may be a lot of new owners think the chain the more the better, but you do not know, the low quality of the chain may lead to the search engine on the web of trust degree is reduced, how to optimize don’t love Shanghai? "

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