The enterprise website optimization experience sharing and discussion

2, the increase at the bottom of the page to a web page, enhance the cohesion, so that the entire site can form a good circulation, will not appear fault phenomenon, more conducive to the love of Shanghai and included climbing spider.

at the end of November to the grassroots now the company to do the optimization, the company is doing instrument colorimeter this piece of grass, is not very familiar with this product, we are interested can go to find out, until now (December 11th) there are half a month now, said not long nor short, basic what is not obvious effect, although he felt very normal, in the controllable range, but it is fast enough.

5, add the alt attribute, pictures by calling the title to property pictures alt, of course, is just a part of (home based) is called the title as the alt attribute, articles and pictures of the products are manually add the alt attribute in the new time. This is conducive to the strengthening of the Shanghai love picture index, at the same time when the picture hung up, but also more conducive to the user experience.

first came to the best point is revised, the actual is to use phpcms to get a website (before like a ASP program), listen to the boss said to spend thousands of dollars please people do. The domain name space did not change, before the content is also a website as like as two peas, bidding station. The history included article two hundred or three hundred. This is the basic situation.

7, new product photos, Download Center and so on…. template changes are >

3, increase the social sharing function, increase website traffic, website drive.

is not about just started (here is a former colleague, I was responsible for the previously) site has been on-line, but also in the auction, this is a problem is a headache for me, say, it is because the website is too bad, the program itself is a problem, there is no pseudo static, website links more than 4 layers. In a word… A lot of problems, so I turn to do what thing:

6, website optimization in the picture, most of the pictures in the site of compression, which is conducive to speed up the website loading speed, better user experience.

4, shielding non important links, add a "nofollow" attribute, which is beneficial to focus on the important information of the weight, not to be non important information scattered website weight.

website 1, pseudo static rules to modify a column name / / column name / column name + the id.htm layer 4 layer 3 layer becomes friends and naming rules, believe that this website is included for later laid a foundation.

Enterprise station just modified version finished when

do not know now many do enterprise stand optimization of friends, grassroots is now for the first time to do business station optimization, feel pressure Alexander, here to tell you why so Grassroots:

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