Water vs. taxes

first_imgRe “H2O woes” (Oct. 9): SoCal has always been predominately desert and predominately dry relative to other areas. But water has become the new “whippin’ boy” for our politicians to use as an excuse not only for more and more money but also for more and more control over our lives. Everyone should be fed up with this political ploy and fed up with hearing about it. Every year is now a panic over water. Still, even if we accept the premise, why are we still building? We cannot have it both ways. Do our politicians want adequate water supply or do they want more tax dollars from new homes? I suspect I know the answer to that. – Patrick Weir AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Chatsworth Importing water Re “H2O woes” (Oct. 9): Why can’t the government spend money on a problem that has been ongoing for years? There always seems to be a surplus of water in the Eastern states and lack of water here in California. Could the government spend money to redirect the excess rain to the states that are relatively dry? For example, something like aqueducts the ancient Romans built. It would relieve the states where there is an overabundance of water, help the states where there is not enough and provide a lot of Americans, and possibly illegal immigrants, with employment. Think of the money that has been misspent on Iraq, but instead (could be) spent on something actually constructive. – Robert Rivera Canoga Park No safe haven Re “Homeless pupils face challenge” (Oct. 8): I was shocked – but not surprised – at the number of homeless students in the LAUSD. If you multiply the numbers by all the large cities plus other towns in America, it’s no wonder the dropout rate is as bad as it is. Add to the fact, as “the decider” Bush vetoed the health care for these underprivileged children, you have sickly, nomadic children with no safe haven to study. I commend those students who do maintain their studies and the parents who provide a nearly impossible environment considering their dismal circumstances. So, President Bush, keep throwing more money into your worthless, illegal occupation of Iraq – instead of helping America’s forsaken children. And when they can’t find jobs due to a lack of an education, they’ll enlist in the military as an alternative. – Lyndy Fleming Sherman Oaks Call the police Re “Traffic light cameras” (Your Opinions, Oct. 8): John Whitmore complains that law enforcement has done nothing about the scofflaws in his neighborhood who, for three years, have been driving one to three cars without license plates and therefore very probably without insurance as well. They are a menace to all law-abiding citizens. Law enforcement cannot be observant everywhere all of the time. Call the police station, ask for the traffic enforcement detail and request that they cite the drivers and impound the cars. If you won’t do it, call me and give me the information and I will. – Sinclair Buckstaff Northridge Blackwater Why would any soldier work for the U.S. government when they can work for Blackwater and earn $1,200 a day? Yes, that is the salary the Blackwater employees in Iraq are earning. Our motto is “Support our troops.” Apparently it doesn’t mean financially. Our government has 130,000 private contractors in Iraq. No wonder this war is bankrupting the United States. All you young people should be protesting this war with every breath you take. It is your future that is being taken away from you. Our politicians can’t even solve the gang problems and yet they send young men to Iraq to change a society. When will the people of this country wake up and demand an accounting from our politicians? – Marjorie Eisenberg West Hills Who you sue Sue the federal government – We the taxpayers pay. Sue the state – We the taxpayers pay. Sue the county – We the taxpayers pay. Sue the city – We the taxpayers pay. Sue the archdiocese – We the parishioners pay. Sue me – Who pays? I think that people should sue the person or persons who do them wrong, not the government or the church. – Celia De La O Arleta160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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