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2, the increase at the bottom of the page to a web page, enhance the cohesion, so that the entire site can form a good circulation, will not appear fault phenomenon, more conducive to the love of Shanghai and included climbing spider.

at the end of November to the grassroots now the company to do the optimization, the company is doing instrument colorimeter this piece of grass, is not very familiar with this product, we are interested can go to find out, until now (December 11th) there are half a month now, said not long nor short, basic what is not obvious effect, although he felt very normal, in the controllable range, but it is fast enough. read more

Do you only need to optimize the key Shanghai dragon

by improper I believe that many owners like to do "network" keywords immediately chose the words "network" to do, how to start a new station, on the choice of keywords a considerable competition to do, what do you take to weight high website? As a new competition? The website or the sub sub select an index is not too high, the competition is not too big words to start! The only way you can put the keywords ranking up, so as to obtain the corresponding flow


is not attractive: webmasters may think that writing content the user will see, not knowing the title role, so webmaster must study how to write a catchy title, because a good title but an article on Oh, users browse articles is generally the first to browse the title, and then decide whether to browse this article, so a good title can directly guide the user click behavior, is significant to improve the content of the hits, is one of the key factors to improve the website PV. read more