Teach for America serves as popular choice for ’SC grads

first_imgThursday marked the final deadline to apply for the 2014 Teach For America corps. Last year, more than 100 students were accepted into the corps from USC.Teach For America is a nonprofit that places recent college graduates as well as professionals in low-income classrooms for a two-year period in an effort to reduce educational inequity across the nation. The organization’s purpose is based on the connection it sees between economic inequity and educational inequity in America.“[The fact] that 92 percent of kids who grow up below the poverty line return to poverty for a second generation is just completely unacceptable,” said Carrington Bester, recruitment manager for TFA Los Angeles and a 2011 Houston TFA corps member. “The more allies [these kids] have, the better off as a culture we are at eradicating the achievement gap in this country.”Joining the TFA corps has become a popular option for many USC graduates. Last year, 109 Trojans were offered the opportunity to join the corps. Not only does this mean that USC received more TFA offers than any other campus in the nation, it also makes TFA the top post-graduate option for USC students.Lexine Cudjoe, a senior majoring in political science, believes that USC’s engagement with its surrounding community encourages students to pursue such options as TFA.“We’re very familiar with the inequalities and discrepancies on the perimeters of our school, and I think it’s very healthy for USC to continue to engage in the community around us,” Cudjoe said.Cudjoe will be joining the 2014 Houston TFA corps, but she has already had a lot of experience with TFA. She attended USC’s                           TFA-sponsored Alternative Spring Break trip to Baton Rouge, La. last year and since then, has also interned for TFA in Mississippi and served as a campus campaign coordinator.Cudjoe was inspired to get involved in TFA because of her own educational background. When she was in seventh grade at Foshay Learning Center, a nearby school located about a mile west from the University Park campus, she enrolled in the USC-sponsored Neighborhood Academic Initiative program that ultimately enabled her to attend a four-year university.“In seeing the kind of impact that college has made on my social mobility, I want to, in turn, reach back into other students’ lives who would not have this opportunity to move out of poverty without education being the pathway,” Cudjoe said.Zade Shakir, a senior majoring in biology and international relations, said he is excited to join the 2014 Bay Area corps because of his own experience with academic inequity in high school.“Just because the high school near my house had a poor science program, I left high school hating science,” Shakir said. “Then I came to USC and took the science general [education] class here and I had a great professor. Now I can’t imagine my future without science.”Shakir hopes by being part of TFA he can encourage other students to follow their dreams.“I think of all the students that could be missing the opportunity to find their dreams,” Shakir said. “I want to be a part of the change for the future and to change this educational system that marginalizes some people.”Shakir is not currently planning to pursue a lifelong career in education, but he believes that his time in TFA will both affect change for his students and will equip him with the skills necessary for his future career.Milly Shah, a 2013 USC graduate and a member of the 2013 Charlotte corps, echoed Shakir’s beliefs. Shah currently hopes to go to physical therapy school after her two years in the corps, and noted that being a corps member is an opportunity for growth.“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s immensely rewarding,” Shah said. “One thing I definitely did not think I was going to experience was immense corporate growth and growth in my leadership skills.”Besides providing her with practical skills, being a member of the TFA corps has also been very personally rewarding for Shah.“One moment that really stands out is when one of my students accidentally called me ‘Mom,’” Shah said. “As a teacher, you tend to forget that you are this consistent adult in an adolescent’s life … [Being called mom] reminded me that I’m so much more than just a teacher.”last_img read more

England celebrate a hat-trick of victories

first_img England are celebrating a hat-trick of victories at this year’s Women’s, Boys’ and Girls’ Home Internationals.The boys’ team won their competition after a tense deciding match against Ireland at Ashburnham in Wales and the women and girls then completed a rare treble with victories over the same opposition on a weather-affected final day at Downfield in Scotland.England win in the Boys’ Home Internationals was their fourth in a row but it required a battling performance to come from behind and beat a formidable Irish side.The England team lost the morning foursomes 3 ½ – 1 ½ but then stemmed the tide when Conor Gough halved the first singles against Tom McKibbin before Joe Pagdin, Robin Williams, Max Hopkins, Enrique Dimayuga and Habebul Islam put five further points on the board to take their side to within touching distance of winning the match.Islam’s match proved key to England’s success. He had a one-hole lead playing the last but needed to get up-and-down from 80-yards to make a par before seeing his opponent Simon Walker miss from 20-feet for a birdie.That point set up Callum Macfie to provide the winning point and he duly did so when he birdied the 17th to beat Max Kennedy 2 & 1 and ensure that England will retain the trophy for another year.“Even though we lost the foursomes this morning, I just felt that we could get six points out of the singles and that would do the job,” said England captain, Steve Burnett. “We’ve got a very strong team and I knew they might just be stronger over the closing nine holes when the conditions got a little tougher.“The wind picked up and the back nine played harder and the boys showed their talent by turning matches around that Ireland might have won. We got a lot of good performances. I thought Conor’s half point in the first match was important to get us off to a good start. Habebul’s par at the last was crucial because it set up Callum to take us over the line, which he did. I’m over the moon.”England wins over Ireland in the deciding matches in the Women’s and Girls’ Home Internationals in Scotland proved to be equally dramatic but not before the weather almost brought the proceedings to a premature end.Torrential rain forced the foursomes to be scrapped and there were also long delays before the singles were completed.In the end, England edged to a 3 ½ – 2 ½ victory to win the Women’s event for the first time since 2016 at Conwy in Wales. Bel Wardle, Lily May Humphreys and Emily Toy won the first three singles for England, but Jessica Ross and Lauren Walsh then responded with wins for Ireland before current English champion Ellen Hume halved the final singles against Paula Grant to secure the all-important half point.“It was a terrific all-round effort and it was a good end to a long day,” said the English captain, Helen Hewlett. “The team was fantastic and we are delighted with the win.”The deciding match against Ireland in the Girls’ Home Internationals proved to be even tighter with no less than four of the six matches going to the 18th green.The two sides eventually shared the singles 3-3 but England were declared the winners on account of the fact they had accrued two more points than their Irish rivals over the first two days against Scotland and Wales. The English winners in the decider were Jessica Baker and Isabelle Simpson, while Caitlin Whitehead and Rosie Belsham both halved their matches.“I’m delighted,” said the winning captain, Janet Melville. “Every time play was suspended we were ahead but all of a sudden things changed. Izzy (Simpson) was the stand-out player. She was three down with five to play but won the 14th with a birdie and went on to win on the 18th. She told me before she went out after the rain she was going to win her point.”England now have a chance to complete a clean sweep of Home International titles when the men’s event is played at Lahinch on September 11-13. Tags: Boys’ Home Internationals, Girls Home Internationals, Home Internationals, Womens Home Internationals 12 Aug 2019 England celebrate a hat-trick of victories center_img Image credit The R&Alast_img read more

Chelsea line-up v Aston Villa: Key men to return for Mourinho?

first_imgGoalkeeperPetr Cech started in the Capital One Cup win against Bolton, so expect a refreshed Thibaut Courtois to return. Unfortunately for Cech, starting is the best way for Courtois to acclimatise to the Premier League and the Belgian isn’t doing much wrong.DefenceMourinho has made it clear the whole team has to improve, not just the defence, but it must irk him that opposition goals are eating into the impressive goal difference. John Terry, Gary Cahill, Branislav Ivanovic and Cesar Azpilicueta appear most likely to start after being rested, though there is Felipe Luis and Kurt Zouma waiting in the wings. No one is guaranteed a place.MidfieldChelsea lost some of their midfield beauty in the midweek win when Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic were left out. Oscar’s winner, his first goal of the season, saw off Bolton in the Capital One Cup, which may earn him a starting position, unlike Andre Schurrle who couldn’t convert his chances. Industrious Willian can then take one wing with Eden Hazard on the other to try to limit Villa’s possession.AttackDiego Costa is set to start after resting his healing hamstring this week and Mourinho admitted again his goal poacher isn’t physically ready for every game. The striker failed to score against City, the first time in five matches, and should be itching to find the back of the net again. All of this means that whatever happens, Didier Drogba or Loic Remy will probably start the Champions League game. Premier League leaders Chelsea host third-placed Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge as they try to get back to winning ways after the City draw.Villa effectively ended Chelsea’s title hopes last season following a 1-0 home win and have already beaten Liverpool by the same score at Anfield this season.“Difficult opponent, difficult game,” is all Blues manager Jose Mourinho said before the match and he also has their second Champions League group game at Sporting Lisbon to think about.There are no injury concerns except Ramires’ muscle problem.Possible Chelsea line up against Aston Villa: Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa will return for Chelsea 1 1last_img read more

Handy Motor Found in Virus

first_imgYour job today is to stuff a delicate chain into a barrel without breaking it and make it wrap neatly inside.  A tiny virus does this with helping hands, reported Purdue University.  A research team uncovered the mechanism of a “powerful molecular motor” that crams the viral DNA tightly into the capsid with the help of five moving parts.    These are not real hands, of course; the captioned artist rendering whimsically shows five gp17 protein structures drawn to look like hands.  These structures are protein subdomains embedded in the ring-shaped motor mechanism.  The capsid, or viral container, acts like a hard plastic shell, protecting the DNA inside (see 05/07/2004).  Two rings on the opening hold the motor in place.  The gp17 subdomains take turns grasping the DNA and shoving it in.  Another analogy is that they work like pistons operating in sequence.  Using ATP energy pellets, they take advantage of electrostatic forces to gently but firmly transfer the DNA strand into the interior, where it coils in an orderly fashion.  The mechanism generates 20 times the force used by myosin, the motor in muscle.  The article claims that proportional to its size, the motor is twice as powerful as an automotive engine.    The virus they studied is a bacteriophage – a virus that infects and destroys bacteria.  The cutaway diagram of the capsid shows the DNA wound neatly into a fabric-like pattern.  The researchers hope some day not only to understand viruses better, but to use their tricks for nanotechnology.  Someday man-made motors like these could deliver medicines to patients or power nano-sized machines.  First, though, they need to do basic research on how the viral motor works.  “This particular motor is very fast and powerful,” they said.  See also the 03/20/2007 and 10/18/2001 entries for earlier research on capsid motors.Even viruses, which are not even alive by the definition of being able to reproduce independently, show incredible design.  They are too well designed to be accidents.  Why do so many viruses cause disease and death?  Actually, only a small fraction are harmful; most cause no harm and some are beneficial.    Some creationists speculate that they all had a beneficial function originally: keeping bacteria in check or delivering genetic instructions to animals encountering a new environment.  After the Fall, they either were allowed to mutate into machines gone wild, turning on their customers, or were recast as agents of judgment on a world sentenced to death and hardship.  Can they prove this?  No; but what is the alternative for evolutionists?  First, they have to believe in miracles – that super-efficient, compact, powerful motors like this just appeared, arose or emerged (favorite Darwinian miracle-words) from nowhere.  Second, they have to deny that anything is evil or out of order.  In Darwin’s world, whatever is, is right.  A logical consequence is that it is vain to seek cures for disease.  So what if millions of humans die in a pandemic?  It just shows that viruses are more fit.    If miracles and apathy don’t motivate you to swallow the evolutionary line, then look at the mechanism from a design perspective and figure out what it’s there for.  Basic research can reveal the mechanism.  Philosophy and theology can elucidate its purpose.  Engineering can look for applications.  Who needs Darwin, the guy who sits around telling miracle stories?    The Purdue team obviously didn’t act like “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”  They had no need of that hypothesis.  The E-word failed to materialize in the press release or any of the writeups on other sites.  “Viruses, start your engines!” EurekAlert began its version.  “Researchers find what drives one of nature’s powerful, nanoscale motors.”    If design is what you observe, then design will lead to the right explanation, which may lie outside the capabilities of science.(Visited 34 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Social Networks: Boomers Feel Left Out

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Even though baby boomers make up more than one quarter of all US Internet users, and even though the majority of this group spends over five hour per week online, a new survey by Burst Media found that only 14% of boomers feel that the content on the Internet is focused on people their age. An even smaller number of boomers (9.9%) thinks that Internet advertising is focused on their demographic. With regards to social networks, most boomers also think that these sites are not focused on people their age.According to Burst Media, close to 80% of women and 76% of men under 34 belong to at least one social networking site. For baby boomers, these numbers drop to 50% and 44% respectively. Part of the problem here is that boomers don’t think that these social networks are focused on their age group. Only 11.9% of boomers who belong to a social networking site think that the site is geared to people their age. As the Burst Media survey notes, boomers actively look for different things online than younger users. Young adults look for entertainment news (49%), games (41%), local and national news (37%), and social media sites (36%). Boomers, on the other hand, are far more interested in local and national news (55%), shopping info (41%), and health info (40%).According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Boomers make up 34% of Internet users in the US, and as a recent report from Forrester Research pointed out, this group is quite comfortable with creating and consuming social media. Social networks, however, still haven’t quite found the right angle to draw these users in. Bonus: Would Your Life be Disrupted if You Couldn’t Get Online? 83% Say So83% of respondents to this survey say that their daily routines would be disrupted if they couldn’t get online. 41% even say that their lives would be ‘significantly disrupted.’ Interestingly, slightly more women (43.9%) than men (39.3%) think that their lives would be significantly disrupted without access to the Internet.These are pretty impressive numbers, though we have to keep the methodology of this survey in mind. All of the respondents were Internet users, and this was an online survey. If Burst Media had also surveyed offline users, these number would probably have been slightly different. frederic lardinois Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#news#NYT#web last_img read more

Maryland Commit Diamond Stone Tried To Party At Wisconsin-Milwaukee This Weekend, And Things Didn’t Go Well

first_imgMilwaukee product Diamond Stone, a five-star center and the No. 5 overall player in the 2015 recruiting class, committed to Maryland over his home-state Badgers back in late March, and Wisconsinites are not happy about it. According to multiple tweets, Stone tried to go to Madison UW-Milwaukee to party this weekend, and was not treated well by the spurned fans.Just saw Diamond Stone get kicked out of a party. Sucks to suck man— Blake Laufenberg (@BlakeLaufenberg) April 26, 2015Well I was the bouncer at a party and kicked diamond stone out so I’m feeling pretty accomplished— Payton teDuits (@Paytonteduits) April 26, 2015stone1Diamond stone just got kicked out of this party lmfao— Jordyn Jablonski (@Jblonks_) April 26, 2015Diamond Stone got kicked out of a party we were at.— Bucks in 7 (Shaq) (@AGruett32) April 26, 2015No one likes Diamond Stone— Blake Laufenberg (@BlakeLaufenberg) April 26, 2015Diamond stone came to UWM last night and he got kicked out of every party he went tried to go to— Alex Peterson (@APeterson32) April 26, 2015Stone probably shouldn’t be too surprised, but he’ll also have plenty of party opportunities when he makes it down to College Park. [The Victory Lap]last_img read more

Photo: Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Plays Pokemon GO At Team’s Stadium

first_imgPokemon Go at Oklahoma State's stadium.Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy likes to try and keep up with the latest trends. Last time it was hoverboarding; today, it was Pokemon GO.The craze, which is based on the old card game Pokemon, has taken the country by storm. Pokemon GO is played on a downloadable cellphone app, and CNN has a breakdown of what it is all about. Anyway, the app, which is free to download and play, uses GPS to make a cartoony map of your neighborhood and basically anywhere you go. In this colorful, slightly Big-Brother-y version of reality, Pokémon are interspersed throughout, and when you come within range of a Pokémon you can “approach” them and they will show up on your phone.Today, Gundy posted a picture of him catching a Pokemon named Pidgey inside T. Boone Pickens Stadium.Gotta catch ’em all! #POKEmon pic.twitter.com/j0Kd5CyD7J— Mike Gundy (@CoachGundy) July 11, 2016Ok, who had Mike Gundy as the first coach to publicly acknowledge that he plays Pokemon Go? Our bet would have been Jim Harbaugh, because, well why not? [ Pistols Firing ]last_img read more

Canadian grocers make 3M per year from pennyrounding UBC study

first_imgVANCOUVER – Grocery stores across the country are cashing in on the demise of the penny, according to a young researcher at the University of British Columbia.Third-year economics and mathematics student Christina Cheung has written a paper that says Canadian grocers are making $3.27 million per year from penny-rounding.Ottawa announced plans in 2012 to phase out the coin, and as a result, cash purchases are now rounded up or down to the nearest five-cent increment.Cheung wanted to know whether the change was benefiting shoppers or stores.“Penny-rounding always becomes a guessing game,” the 19-year-old explained. “It’s a fun guessing game because it might not hurt in the short run, looking at several cents, but in the long run, I wondered if this actually accumulates.”Curious, she decided to use her spare time outside of class to investigate.First, Cheung enlisted a friend and they spent about a month and a half documenting more than 18,000 prices at grocery stores, taking pictures of price tags and entering the data into a spreadsheet.They found that most prices ended in .99 or .98 — numbers that would result in bill totals being rounded up for cash transactions, if tax is not applied.Cheung took the data and used a computer simulator to create “grocery baskets” with various items. She adjusted different variables such as the numbers of items and amount of taxes, and factored in data from the Bank of Canada on what payment methods consumers are most likely to use.Cheung said her analysis found that grocery stores are profiting from penny-rounding.In the end, Canadian consumers don’t end up paying much extra, but the rounding on cash transactions can mean big money for grocery retailers across the country, with each store standing to collect $157 per year, Cheung said.In October, a paper Cheung wrote on the research won a competition for the best undergraduate student paper at the International Atlantic Economic Society’s conference in Montreal. Her study is slated to be published next June in the Atlantic Economic Journal.The Retail Council of Canada disagrees with Cheung’s findings, said Karl Littler, the group’s vice president of public affairs.The study’s methods don’t reflect real grocery baskets or take into account the impacts of various provincial taxes on bill totals, he said, noting that the average grocery bill is $53 and consists of a larger number of items than Cheung’s simulated baskets included.Littler said the council’s members have reported anecdotally that penny-rounding is about 50-50, with half of the bill totals being rounded up and benefiting stores, and the other half being rounded down and benefiting consumers.“There’s no nefarious plan here to scoop pennies,” he said.Cheung said she isn’t looking to demonize Canada’s grocery industry, and simply wanted to look at an issue that affects most Canadians on a daily basis.Her work on penny-rounding was all done outside of class time as a labour of love, which Cheung said really surprised her professors.“Tying research with application is what I love to do,” she said.— Follow @gkarstenssmith on TwitterNote to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version misspelled Christina Cheung’s last name.last_img read more

For Prada black nylon is a safe haven in a storm

first_imgMILAN – With social and political crises unsettling the globe, Milan Fashion Week was all about slogans this season. “Time For Change” has been a particularly dominant catchphrase, one the fashion world can expect to see branded across sweatshirts, waistbands and accessories next fall and winter.The ubiquity of the expression does not necessarily denote consensus around the message it’s designed to convey. For some, it means back to roots. Others intend it as a call for respect.But the overall implication seems to be a rejection of the status quo, which really isn’t surprising in fashion.Naturally, Miuccia Prada is the outlier. Prada eschewed words because they have become empty. Where they appeared on prints in her new looks, words were meaningless.The second day of Milan Fashion Week of mostly menswear previews for Fall-Winter 2018-19 opened with youthful designers focused on urban street wear that tries to capture the zeitgeist of Millennial consumers.Here are some highlights from Sunday’s shows, including Prada, Dirk Bikkembergs, MSGM and DSquared2:___PRADA’S STRANGE PACKAGESIn challenging times, it is not unusual to seek the familiar. For Miuccia Prada, there is comfort in black nylon.The designer generously employs her favoured material in her pieces for the next cold weather season, padding them and applying them in protective layers.The boxy shapes for men and women appear to conceal the wearer in a unisex vein, but it is all for naught: Identity badges suggested a form of surveillance in the runway scenario. That sense of excessive control transforms into a political statement once the garments are on the rack and available to consumers.“I think we are in a moment when these aspects of control are very relevant,” the designer said after the show.Despite the collection’s utilitarian nature creating a sort of uniform of anoraks, jackets, caps, straight trousers and skirts, Prada said she also wanted to convey elegance.Beyond the dystopian looks, she included tourist-grade short-sleeved knits, or wild print short-shirt combos for men, and slit-skirt suits in bright tones paired with open-toe heels and long leather gloves for women.Prada enlisted architects to design new accessories, including a padded front pack that could stand in as a form of body amour, and a utility tool apron. Artists came up with the prints, including burning bananas and meaningless strings of words.“Now they no longer represent concepts, but they are pure decoration,” she said.The runway show was in a newly repurposed industrial building near the Prada Foundation contemporary art space. Unusually shaped and labeled crates were stacked along the walls. Prada promised they concealed strange things “that are preparing for some strange transformation.”The narrow aisles created a sense of disorientation as the fashionistas struggled to find their seats. That seemed an apt metaphor for the state of the world.“We don’t know where we are going, which is of course scary, of course interesting. Because I feel big changes are happening,” the designer said. “Some people say beauty will save the world. I think the world will be saved by intelligence, humanity and generosity. And possibly love. But of course the esthetic can help, a little help, if you can afford it.”___MSGM GOES TO BACK TO BASICSMilan university students served as both models and inspiration for the new MSGM collection. Taking their cue, brand founder Massimo Giorgetti found himself making an unexpected turn toward the dapper with hints of classic Milanese styling.“I studied the attitude of these guys, and it is less street wear than usual without losing modernity,” Giorgetti said. “Some are very, very elegant. The concept of elegant Milan, Italy, needs to be restudied also by a brand like mine. There’s an evolution going on.”The silhouette veered toward the everyday, neither too slim nor oversized. Looks included snazzy suits with zip-up jackets in pink or red worn with ties, as well as plaid trousers paired with cardigans and jumpsuits. Giorgetti collaborated with Eastpak on a series of graphic printed backpacks and travel bags.The designer emblazoned the collection with phrases of graffiti he collected from the desks, tables and restrooms of Milan’s universities. They included “Tempo per cambiare,” Italian for “Time for Change,” along with the Italian phonetic rendering of “I love you” as “hailoveiu.”Here, “Time for Change” clearly meant honouring roots and not looking abroad for validation.“They are very serious, very clever and very positive,” the designer said of the Milan students he worked with. “And they love their country.”___DUTCH MUSINGS AT DIRK BIKKEMBERGSDutch style, painting and design were all reflected in Lee Wood’s latest collection for Belgian label Dirk Bikkembergs.And in keeping with the down-to-earth Dutch nature, the collection was full of necessary items. A rain-resistant technical down coat was worn with tailored pants for an urban look merging sportswear with sartorial tradition.“A man needs to be authentic,” Woods said backstage. “We have a thousand things to do and life goes on. They are not heavy garments. They are basics, things we need.”The dark palette of navy blue, black and grey was inspired by paintings in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and included contrasts of deep cerulean blue, vermillion red and saffron yellow. The mixing of materials, such as in a nylon parka with a wool back panel and knit waistband, drew from a Rotterdam architectural institute. Straps on pockets echoed the ones on leather footwear.Wood said he was drawn to the Netherlands by coincidence. The models he was selecting came from there and the music a DJ played at casting sessions was Dutch.“I said I think I have to go, and visit this world,” he said.___WESTERN DOINGS AT DSQUARED2Model Bella Hadid bookended the runway show for DSquared2, the label of Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten, opening as a cowgirl in plaid over denim and closing as a chic hippie in a tiered handkerchief gown worn with a big fur coat.DSquared2 adhered to the recent Milan trend of combining the men’s and women’s shows, scheduling theirs during the less hectic January round focusing on menswear.Red plaid emerged as the prevailing print in the Western-themed collection. The mood ranged from a little bit country to a little bit rockabilly to a little bit hippie chic. Oversized knitwear served as tableaus for western scenes.Any classic cowboy would feel at ease in the suede coat with sheepskin linings, while leather vests layered over flowing white peasant shirts for men or dresses for women gave an edge to the usual boho styling.The accessories of the season: big Double-D belt buckles and sequin neck scarves for men, or shiny sequin cuffs for him or her.____MEDITATIVE DESIGNS AT SARTORIAL MONKSabato Russo isn’t your usual designer making his Milan runway debut, supported by the Italian Fashion Chamber. He has decades of experience behind him, first as a model, and then working in the fashion industry in Japan and New York.“I was tired of making money and making clothes,” Russo said backstage. After taking time off to reflect, he returned to the business with his own brand, Sartorial Monk. In keeping with the name, his Milan debut collection can aptly be described as meditative.The looks appear simple to the eye, but are full of detail like Middle Eastern draping, that belie a complexity. The pieces seemed to envelop the models.The show opened in silence, with a model, the actress Violeta Sanchez, walking deliberately in high heels clicking on the runway, wearing a long camel coat over a printed silk velvet dress. The models that followed walked barefoot, giving a Zen sense to the simple flowing pieces: a slate double-breasted jacket over wide, pleated cotton trousers for him, or cropped tailored jackets worn with long clinging skirts for her. While the first half of the collection was more sartorial, the second part was more relaxed and loungey, with long, cozy knitwear and soft velvets.“It is simple, but it is never simple,” Russo said. “I think somebody who has personality can wear this. I don’t try to embellish.”___AMERICAN GOTHIC AT PALM ANGELSThe fashion crowd is this trusting. They filed up a narrow staircase in an apparently abandoned building, then down several levels, past the sort of laser lighting that jewel thieves navigate to their booty, and into a dark barren basement.It was there that Francesco Ragazzi unveiled his latest looks for Palm Angels. And the fashionistas nary batted an eye at the first look: a red plaid shirt with jeans and parka made alarming by the black facemask with nails sticking out. The accessory was calmly described as “studded baclavas” in the notes, but if it is any comfort, they are more likely a runway gimmick than a commercial proposition.Tartan and spikes clashed with Western themes and prints of the Grant Wood painting “American Gothic,” as punk clashed with Middle American values.“Palm Angels takes iconic American tropes and puts them out of context, fertilizes them with unexpected insertions, lets them grow and calls the result Neo Classic America,” the brand said in notes.last_img read more

China rejects US hacking claims before TrumpXi meeting

first_imgBEIJING — China’s government has rejected a U.S. report that accuses Beijing of stepping up efforts to steal technology ahead of a meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.The Commerce Ministry on Thursday accused Washington of destroying trade relations and rejected the U.S. Trade Representative’s report as “groundless accusations.”Both sides have raised tariffs on billions of dollars of each other’s goods in a fight over U.S. complaints that Beijing steals or pressures companies to hand over technology.The USTR report said computer hacking attacks traced to China and aimed at stealing American technology have increased this year.Trump and Xi are due to meet this month in Buenos Aires during a gathering of the Group of 20 major economies.The Associated Presslast_img read more