Spatial structure of high latitude sporadic E

first_imgObservations of high latitude types of sporadic E, Es, have been made at Halley, Antarctica (76°S, 27°W; L = 4.2) using a modern digital ionosonde with a direction finding capability. It is found that two types of Es, namely auroral and retardation, often exhibit a meridional structure in which the echoing region appears to be poleward of Halley by an amount which increases as the frequency of the probing radio wave increases. The behaviour of these layers is described in comparison with layers of similar appearance which are known to be located overhead. The observations are interpreted in the framework of a model consisting of a low density homogeneous Es layer which has field-aligned enhancements embedded in it. A simple analytical implementation of this model is found to fit the observations well. The meridionally structured layers cannot be distinguished from overhead layers simply by their appearance on ionograms. Thus high latitude Es data obtained from routine scaling of ionograms should be used with caution.last_img read more

‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ founder speaks

first_imgNotre Dame’s chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) closed Irish State of Mind week Friday afternoon with guest speaker Jamie Tworkowski, founder of the nonprofit organization To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), and singer Steven McMorran, lead singer of the alternative rock band Satellite.NAMI-ND president Maggie Skoch said TWLOHA has gained national prominence through social media and coverage on NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Morning, MTV and Rolling Stone Magazine.“Founded by Jamie Tworkowski in 2006, To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide,” she said. “TWLOHA has given over $1 million directly to treatment and recovery.”Tworkowski, who invited McMorran to open the event with music, said the group almost always begins with music.“We believe that… [music] has the unique ability to remind us, all of us, that we’re alive, it’s okay to feel things, it’s okay to ask questions,” Tworkowski said.McMorran played guitar and sang several songs from Satellite’s 2013 album “Calling Birds,” prefacing each with a brief statement of its connection to personal obstacles. After about 30 minutes, Tworkowski took the stage.“Normally I feel like it’s implied, when someday stands in the front of the room, or on the stage, and they have a microphone, it’s implied that he or she, this person, has some answers,” Tworkowski said. “But I think … in a way, these events are more about the questions than answers.“I think what a lot of us need … [isn’t answers, but] just some other person, or maybe a small group of people who might meet us in our questions and tell us, remind us, show us that we are not alone in those places, especially those places that hurt … where I think we buy into some lies that suggest that we’re alone, especially if it’s something we haven’t talked about.”Tworkowski shared his personal experiences with mental health issues, the founding and growth of TWLOHA and statistics on mental illness in America.“Two out of three people who struggle with depression, they never get help for it,” he said. “The majority of people who live in this place, they live alone.”Whether or not an individual pursues professional counseling, community is paramount to moving through the tough times, Tworkowski said.“People need other people,” he said. “You and I, we find ourselves on this planet in a way where we are wired to know people and love people, to be known and to be loved.“When it comes to our pain and the stuff we’re not sure about, the stuff we’re not proud of, the tendency is to isolate, to hide out. … You just don’t want to talk to anyone, you don’t want to be seen, but we’ve come to believe that it doesn’t matter how busy you are, introvert, extrovert, what your major is, how you’re wired — that community, that support system, that group of friends is something we all need and deserve.”Junior Michael Dinh said he felt the event was the perfect conclusion to the week.“Hearing TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski share his experiences in helping people fighting against depression, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide was an enlightening and inspiring opportunity,” he said. “Many of our fellow students at Notre Dame face these challenges during their time here, and we all have the chance to be their light in dark times.”Tags: Irish State of Mind, Jamie Tworkowski, Mental health, mental illness, NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Satellite, Steven McMorran, To Write Love on Her Arms, TWLOHAlast_img read more

Vermont top state in breweries per capita

first_imgThe great state of Vermont tops the list of US state breweries per capita based on the Brewers Association s count of operating breweries and the 2008 population estimates found at is external). The fortunate citizens of Vermont have a brewery for every 32,698 people. There are 19 breweries and 621,270 citizens in Vermont. Additionally, every Vermont brewery is a craft brewery according the Brewers Association’s craft brewer definition (see About Us), from small start-up microbrewery Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Warren to the revered Vermont Pub & Brewery in Burlington to regional craft brewer Magic Hat Brewing Co. and Performing Arts Center also in Burlington. The top 5 states in breweries per capita are rounded out by Montana, Oregon, Maine and Colorado.The Facts Last updated on 2/23/2009Growth of the craft brewing industry in 2008 was 5.8% by volume and 10.5% by dollars.The craft brewing industry produced nearly 8.6 million barrels of craft beer in the U.S. in 2008.The fastest growing sector craft brewing sector continues to be microbreweries, showing customer support for local breweries.The craft brewing sales share as of December ’08 is 4% by volume and 6.3% by dollars.Total U.S. craft brewing industry annual dollar volume is $6.3 billion.Breweries Per Capita Rank          Total Breweries            State          Breweries Per Capita1 19 Vermont 32,6982 27 Montana 35,8313 93 Oregon 40,7534 31 Maine 42,4665 103 Colorado 47,9566 14 Alaska 49,0217 10 Wyoming 53,2678 100 Washington 65,4929 7 Delaware 84,54810 66 Wisconsin 85,27211 15 New Hampshire 87,72112 16 Idaho 95,23913 15 Nebraska 118,89514 16 New Mexico 124,02215 70 Michigan 142,90616 5 South Dakota 160,83917 8 Hawaii 161,02518 16 Nevada 162,51019 17 Kansas 164,83120 75 Pennsylvania 165,97721 221 California 166,32022 18 Iowa 166,80923 38 Massachusetts 170,99924 14 Utah 195,45925 29 Missouri 203,84826 5 Rhode Island 210,15827 16 Connecticut 218,82828 28 Indiana 227,74329 22 Minnesota 237,29130 32 Virginia 242,78431 26 Arizona 250,00732 21 Maryland 268,26733 42 Ohio 273,47434 33 North Carolina 279,46735 3 DC 291,03136 6 West Virginia 302,41137 41 Illinois 314,67238 14 South Carolina 319,98639 56 New York 348,04140 14 Tennessee 443,92141 39 Florida 469,95742 18 New Jersey 482,37043 7 Oklahoma 520,33744 16 Georgia 605,35945 7 Kentucky 609,89246 1 North Dakota 641,48147 36 Texas 675,74948 4 Arkansas 713,84849 5 Alabama 932,38050 4 Louisiana 1,102,69951 1 Mississippi 2,938,618Breweries Per Capita 2008last_img read more

Brentwood Trio Nabbed for North Lindenhurst Home Invasion

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York From left: Yamil Miesesulerio, Jeffrey Artiles and Jonathan SanchezThree Brentwood men have been arrested for an armed home invasion in North Lindenhurst on Sunday night, Suffolk County police said.The three men, one armed with a handgun, forced their way into a house on Feustal Street where they stole cash and cell phones from a resident and the victim’s friend at 10:30 p.m., police said.The assailants fled on foot but were apprehended by a K-9 officer shortly later. Neither victim was injured.Charged with burglary and robbery were 18-year-old Jeffrey Artiles, 24-year-old Yamil Miesesulerio and 26-year-old Jonathan Sanchez. Artiles was additionally charged with criminal possession of a weapon.All three were scheduled to be arraigned Monday at First District Court in Central Islip.last_img read more