The New Apple TV Adds 4K HDR and Not Much Else

first_img The new iPhones were the star of Apple’s event today, but the company had a few other products to show off before the main event. Apple TV was… one of them. We weren’t expecting a huge upgrade for Apple TV this year. The product got a major refresh last year, with a new model that added an app store, Siri and the ability to play games. It also introduced a TV app that collected all the content you had access to in one place. Those were all cool, meaningful additions that made a strong case for getting a new Apple TV. This year’s model still has all those features, now with more pixels.4K and HDR were the highlights of the Apple TV portion of the event. Sadly, the purported majesty of the images they were showing was lost on my 1080p laptop monitor. 4K and HDR look great in person, and I’m sure those at the event were impressed. The problem is they don’t show well streamed over the internet. I’m sure it’ll look beautiful if I ever get one. And a 4k TV. In any case, it’s a logical step up from last year’s model. 4K content is becoming more prevalent now that 4K TVs are finally at a price point normal people can afford. It’s important to have devices that can support that resolution. And it’s about time Apple caught up with Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.(Via Apple)It also makes total sense that Apple would want their device to be capable of producing the most vibrant, detailed images your fancy new TV is capable of displaying. They’ve made no secret about their plans to start making original entertainment content. Who knows what Apple’s movies will be about, but you can bet they’ll be made to take advantage of both these features. Apple is known for making very pretty-looking things. They want to make sure you’ll have the tech to see how pretty they are. Honestly, I can be facetious about Apple’s stuff all day, but 4K and HDR content can look really good. Anything that pushes us closer to both those things becoming standard can’t get here fast enough. I wish it didn’t have to cost so much, but you know. Apple.On the content side, not much is being added, other than 4K versions of movies and TV shows to iTunes. Some good news, if you already own any of the movies being upgraded, you’ll automatically have access to them in 4K. That’s nice. I’ve gotten so used to companies using any excuse to charge me twice for the same content; it came as a pleasant surprise that Apple isn’t going down that road. You’ll also have access to 4K content from other streaming services like Netlfix and Amazon Prime. Yes, Amazon Prime is finally coming to Apple TV. If there was any knock against the device before it’s that Amazon videos had to be AirPlayed from your phone if you wanted to watch them on your TV. Thankfully, enough people realized that was stupid, and now there will be a dedicated app.(Via Apple)Of course, they had to give their standard five minutes to sports. If you like sports, it’ll pop up a notification for when your favorite team is playing. That’s nice, though I can’t see it getting a ton of use. I usually know when my favorite teams are playing. It’ll also show you all the games that are happening on a certain day, and if they’re on, it’ll show you scores and how much time is left. That’s actually pretty cool, especially if you’re into college sports. At the very least, it saves you from having to go back and forth between ESPN, NCAA and whatever conference-specific app is needed to watch certain teams. Now it’s much easier to decide which version of bad football I want to watch.The new version of the Apple TV is pretty much the old version of the Apple TV. It can paint some real pretty pictures, so if you have a TV capable of displaying said pretty pictures, it’ll probably be worth picking one up. It’s definitely worth having one if you’ve already chained yourself to the iPhone. The organization in the TV app is nice, and AirPlay is great if you use a service that doesn’t have an Apple TV app. Or for piracy. I’ve heard. If you already have one though, and you don’t care about 4K or HDR just yet, you can probably skip this year’s model. Unless you absolutely have to play that Journey-looking game. It does look pretty cool.Apple TV 4K will be available on September 22 and will cost $179 or $199.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Apple Brings Contactless Student IDs to More UniversitiesCelebrate World Emoji Day With Diverse New Characters last_img read more