Book publisher experiments with disappearing ink

first_imgIn a world of Kindles and iPads, real books are starting to disappear from our shelves and advertising agency, Draftcb, has printed a book that does disappear, literally.To be more specific, the ink disappears. It has been designed to fade away over the course of two months to give an urgency about reading it. The concept has won gold at the Cannes PR Lions for being an innovative publishing invention.As the video states, books are usually very patient objects, they wait to be read by us which often means they get forgotten about, and sometimes never read at all. If books are not read, new authors aren’t building a fan base who will then buy their second and third books.Independant Argentinian publishing house, Eterna Cadencia, is pioneering the format and will be using it to publicise new authors. It’s called “The Book That Can’t Wait” and comes sealed in an air-tight bag, once opened the chemical process begins – the ink starts to fade because it comes into contact with air and light.It recieved great praise from critics and press worldwide, with hundreds of people recieving promotional copies of a book printed using the ink containing an anthology of new Latin American writers.  Eterna Cadencia hopes to use the disappearing ink as a platform for future book designs.Use of the ink does guarantee a writer more people will read their book because they know it has a limited lifespan. If the reader enjoys it, they’ll be more likely to buy the next one they write, which helps fund the writing and publishing industry.It’s great to see an idea that will get people reading real books, but it also means the book can never be re-read and enjoyed again. After this edition will the idea just become a novelty and will people really want to put down their money for something they can only read a few times? Depending on what the ink does to the paper, maybe once it has faded the book becomes a notepad for your own work.via The Vergelast_img read more