Japan plans solar panels on every new building by 2030

first_imgJapan has already committed to renewable and sustainable energy sources, but following the events at the Fukushima nuclear facility after the earthquake in March, the country is stepping up efforts to invest in them. At the G8 summit in France, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is planning to unveil a bold new plan that will mandate solar panels on top of every new building constructed in Japan, with the goal of having them standard on all new buildings by 2030.Eventually, Japanese officials hope, the nation will have a kind of “super solar” array of connected buildings, all sucking down and generating power for the country to use. The result would be less need to rely on fossil fuels and nuclear power in a country with an extremely high population density.Prime Minister Kan is also expected to affirm Japan’s commitment to nuclear energy as clean and safe at the conference, and to confirm that Japan will continue to operate its existing nuclear power installations, and certify they’re safe for continued operation. At the same time however, he’ll acknowledge that even Japan has to consider ways to turn to renewable energy sources and to encourage overall energy conservation, not just look for more ways to meet growing energy demand.The project is designed to help Japan meet those needs, and by mandating solar panels on every new building, Japan can continue its already large investment in the solar energy industry. Prime Minister Kan also expressed his hopes that the new plan will spur jobs and investment in technology, and keep Japan on the forefront of technology development and innovation.With broad investment in solar energy, even in Japan, the overall cost of solar technology could come down across the board. Cheaper solar energy would be a fringe benefit that would be felt in other countries looking to solar for their green energy needs.Read more at PhysOrglast_img read more