IDEAL 0101 Punches Holes in Hard Drives

first_imgMost companies that want to dispose of their hard drives in-house buy a degausser. Most people who want to dispose of a hard drive hit it with a hammer or take it to a recycling center, if they dispose of it at all. With the IDEAL 0101 HDP from Duplo, you don’t have to put the effort into wrecking your hard drive yourself: you can just pop it into a machine and watch as a hole is punched clean through your hard drive. The IDEAL 0101 is designed to be a fast and efficient drive destruction device, and that it is: you just feed the drive into the slot at the top and stand back, making sure your hands are clear when the stake – ejected with up to 3 tons of force – comes out of the side and goes through the drive. The device then opens the bottom panel and spits the drive out into a collector at the bottom, ready to go to your local recycling center. You’ll have to spend $3300 retail to get one of these, so it’s doubtful they’ll pop up in homes anytime soon. However, considering that well-built degaussers can be dozens of thousands of dollars, this might be a good alternative for small to medium sized businesses with a pile of old drives they want to destroy.last_img read more