Kinect for Windows V2 is leaving beta and heading to retail this

first_imgIf you didn’t take advantage of the developer beta for the new Kinect, it looks like you’ll be able to get your hands on a finished product soon.Possibly the greatest thing to come from Microsoft launching the Kinect sensor on the Xbox 360 was seeing what happened when clever people decided to mess with it to create their own projects, both artistic and military. We’ve seen so many incredible things come from the Kinect that have nothing to do with the game console it was originally designed for, and with a new version on the way there’s going to be even more people ready to take advantage of the new hardware in Kinect V2.Kinect for Windows V2 looks almost identical to the Kinect for the Xbox One, replacing the Xbox logo with a single white dot and including a Kinect badge on the top being the only obvious changes. It’s the same slick looking box we’re all used to, but the cables that leave the sensor are different for the PC as well. There’s a separate power supply and USB connector, just like the beta version of the hardware.According to Microsoft, it’s the same dramatically improved camera and sensors in the Xbox One Kinect that was demonstrated recently with an Oculus Rift.Sometime this summer, Kinect for Windows V2 will be available for retail purchase. The possibilities are entirely up to the developers who decide to pick one up and play with it. This could be a terribly expensive 1080p webcam with microphone, or it could be an advanced skeletal tracker for large scale art projects, or an advanced infrared sensor for tracking your cat at night. It could also be used to create a nice gesture control system for Windows 8.1.last_img read more