Vicente Moreno: “We want options to save ourselves on the field of play”

first_imgOn how his players are working and how that work is controlled, Moreno affirms that the task “is not easy, although luckily we have specific professionals in the coaching staff in the case of physical training who have a lot of level and experience and although we are in an anomalous and different situation that we had never encountered before, it comes out ahead, and we from the first moment the first thing to say is that we have a team of players who are very professional and who are also prepared people who know perfectly well what they have what to do, and Even so, we have tried to prepare a package of utensils for them to work at home such as tires, balls, bicycle and all kinds of material to be able to work from home and we are convinced that the players are doing it, then we try to have everything under control in addition to seeing and studying new technological possibilities of heart rates so that we can also have all the training data from home and we will put it into practice in the coming days; And then with the nutritionist, with the menus, we also try not to eat more than the expense that each one has and we go to the race trying to organize all this and as we prepare things, we send them to them. “On the professionalism of each footballer, Moreno says that in the coaching staff they are “calm because we know that we have a group of players who are very professional.” Regarding the situation of the league, detained on matchday 27, with multiple proposals in sight and with his team occupying a relegation place, Vicente Moreno refers to a possible return from the competition with total ignorance of when it could happen and how a small pre-season would be enabled as a set-up: “We will see how long we are going to be standing and predictably and from the way we are, unfortunately, this I think is going to be for the long term, I understand that it is normal that we have to have a period of time that is surely shorter than usual. in preseason, but it is a time for the players to do field work at a group level, especially so as not to put them at risk, and have fewer injury options, although now it is a bit risky to talk about all this and it is all the more because you have to wait, see deadlines and the first and most important thing is what we have in our hands right now and that is extremely serious, and from there when all this is overcome we will think about the other “. However, if something is clear to the Mallorcan coach it is that he considers that the league should end when it is and in this sense he reflects: “It gives me the feeling that on the teams that are in a situation in the leaderboard like us that are currently on the decline, we could have some interest in this ending like this, and it is quite the opposite, if any specific team have any interest in the league being over anytime, and even within the following season, we would be the ones in these conditions because we want to have options to save ourselves on the field of play because we are at a point of being able to do it and because there are eleven games left so that each one gets what they have to achieve in the field of play once a third of the competition remains, I think it would be the fairest “.Moreno points out that “you have to be very careful with the opinions we give, each one can give his opinion of what he believes is, selfishly, more interesting for his team and that’s where I think, at least, I don’t I am going to do it, it is a very difficult decision for those who have to make it, be it the Federation, or the president, and I would not like to be in their shoes, and I am sure that they will do it as fair as possible, but I already say that I want the competition to be played and I want each of us to finish where we deserve, That would be the fairest thing and everything that is not that, for someone will be or believe that it is just and for others, based on their interest, they will think that it is unfair “.last_img read more