Keeping your cool in a hot climate

first_img Please enter your name here Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply One of the reasons Florida is such a popular state to live in is undoubtedly its climate. However, while its winters are generally mild to warm, there are parts of the summer that can be unbearably hot. This has frequently proven to be a challenge for architects seeking ways to make homes habitable all year round, without total reliance on air conditioning to do the job for them.There are a number of classic design and construction principles that are often used, as well as more modern approaches too. But in all, the simple idea of using airflow to keep temperatures low inside a home is one of the oldest, and most practical. That’s why many Floridian homes have porches out front where residents can sit under the shade of the overhanging roof, while behind them a screen door allows the movement of air through the home.It’s certainly not all a question of free airflow. There’s also insulation. While you may think that having good insulation will mean an unbearably hot home, when it’s combined with the work of air conditioning that keeps the inside of a home cool, insulating against external conditions becomes very effective. In addition, many Florida homes are increasingly being built from materials that do a great deal to absorb external heat and prevent it from penetrating into the home’s interior.While it may seem like the peak of Floridian summer heat is unbearable, it pales in comparison with some of the temperatures that can be experienced in the United Arab Emirates. For example, the average temperature in Ajman, Dubai in July is a searingly hot 109 F degrees,  only dropping to 84 F degrees at night. With this kind of heat some serious measures are needed. The first thing that many people want to know when searching for rental properties through agencies is what steps have been taken to make places comfortable for habitation. As Bayut listing data shows, most villas boast air conditioning, but further measures are also needed. In the older Al Rawda district of Ajman, the villas are built in the traditional Arabic style in which the layout places rooms used in the daytime on the shaded side of the property. Homes in the newer Al Jurf area rely more heavily on the use of modern, heat-absorbing materials in their construction.Ajman Dubai (CCBY-2.0) by shazzandrobWith excessively high temperatures, heat-absorbing materials are vital as a climate of this kind needs insulation from the external heat. There are also some very exciting new materials being developed which use thermodynamics and become cooler than the air that surrounds them.A completely different kind of heat is what can be found in Indonesia, where high temperatures are coupled with excessively high levels of both humidity and rainfall. In that country, these high temperatures, humidity and rainfall has led to the kind of home design which brings the outside in, and vice versa. You’ll find bath and shower rooms are often open to the elements and rooms are built around open central courtyards, often with pools or other water features at their center.With a global climate that is said to be steadily increasing in temperature it’s likely that more and more countries will have to start incorporating many of these ideas into their designs. And, what is certain to be a challenge for architects, will certainly be a boon for the people who will live more comfortably in the houses that they design with climate in mind. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter The Anatomy of Fear TAGSArchitectsHot ClimatesHousingInsulationKeeping Cool Previous articleBREAKING NEWS: Florida reopens May 4th, phase one, with exception of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach countiesNext articleNew Amazon Prime Video series and movies coming in May 2020 Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Support conservation and fish with NEW Florida specialty license plate You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here Please enter your comment! Free webinar for job seekers on best interview answers, hosted by Goodwill June 11 last_img read more

Breathe Owl Breathe: Passage of Pegasus

first_imgThe Skinny on Breathe Owl BreatheBreathe Owl Breathe – guitarist Micah Middaugh, classically trained cellist Andrea Moreno-Beals, and percussionist Trevor Hobbs – hail from Michigan and just released their sixth album, Passage To Pegasus, yesterday.  The record is a collection of ethereal folk, endowed with a melodic easiness that borders on hypnotizing.  After just a couple listens to the record, I found it all too easy to fold myself up and disappear amongst the stories and soundscapes of Passage to Pegasus.It is important to note that the album packaging rivals the songcraft contained therein.  Each album cover is a unique piece of artwork, delivered with handset type and copperblock images created by Micah Middaugh.  Both sonically and visually, Passage to Pegasus is a treasure to behold.For Fans OfIron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, The NationalOutside Looking In“I love all the bands I work with and they are all distinct from each other . . . So, Breathe Owl Breathe?  Micah is seriously the real deal, as far as songwriters go.  When asked to describe him to the uninitiated, my easy answer is that he is kind of a hybrid of Bill Callahan and Jonathan Richman – two guys who couldn’t me more different but are similar in that they sing absolutely direct and honest, and from a world that is only their own.  Micah is like that, too – there’s a world when only he lives and his songs take you to that place or describe that place to you.  His perspective is absolutely unique.”– Eric Johnson, producer, on Breathe Owl BreatheOn StageOur readers out in the Colorado high country can look forward to some upcoming shows from Breathe Owl Breathe.  The band will be at the Leon Gallery in Denver on Friday, October 25th, and in Boulder at Kelly’s Barn on Saturday, October 26th.In Their Own Words“Many ways, it’s always a mystery.  We don’t try to understand it.  We just try to let songs have a presence in everyday life, almost like the mystery of who you are going to meet on any given day.  It’s the same with songs.  We’re all finding them, sharing them, reacting to them.  We try to keep songwriting very spontaneous, trying to find that pocket of time where stories and moods can be expressed, like the mysteries of joy, passing, sorrow, and weld them through the expression of music.  Sometimes our favorite moments of songs are before anyone else really hears them.”– Micah Middaugh, of Breathe Owl Breathe, on songwritingOn The Web For more information on the band, tour dates, or Passage of Pegasus, surf over to  Also, be sure to check out “Silent Movie Reel” on this month’s edition of Trail Mix, or listen below:last_img read more

Governor Wolf Takes Steps to Manage State Funds in Absence of Finalized State Budget (Round-Up)

first_imgGovernor Wolf Takes Steps to Manage State Funds in Absence of Finalized State Budget (Round-Up) By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant October 06, 2017 City & State: After Legislators Fail on Revenue Deal, Wolf Will Manage PA FinancesAs the latest attempts by the General Assembly to reach agreement on budget-balancing revenue broke down Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf announced he is stepping in to balance the commonwealth’s books…“The House Republicans had every opportunity to put a balanced budget on my desk – and they have continuously failed,” said Gov. Wolf. “In the absence of a compromise revenue plan making its way to my desk, I am taking action on my own to manage our state’s finances. I’m going to take immediate steps to address the deficit.” Our View: Wolf Takes the Reins in Budget FightWhen a GOP-backed hotel tax and a warehouse tax failed to gain enough support this week, and Republican House members thwarted a move that would have allowed consideration of a shale tax, Wolf intervened. The governor said Wednesday he will take control of state finances in the absence of a revenue plan and borrow $1.25 billion against state Liquor Control Board revenues to keep the state solvent.Tribune Democrat: Frustrated by House Inaction, Wolf Moves to Balance BooksMoments after the state House rejected a bid to use an obscure procedural move to force action on a tax on gas drillers, Gov. Tom Wolf announced he’s no longer waiting for lawmakers to act and he’s moving on his own. Wolf said he’s asking the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to approve a plan to borrow against the annual payments the liquor system pours into state coffers. The plan will provide the state with $1.25 billion to help balance the books, Wolf said.Times Tribune: No Deficit of Cheap TricksExasperated Gov. Tom Wolf said Wednesday that he would borrow $1.2 billion against future revenue from the state booze monopoly to keep the state government operating after nearly 100 days without a budget. House Republicans, led by Speaker Mike Turzai of Allegheny County, are responsible for the crisis. Wolf, a Democrat, and the Republican-controlled Senate have agreed on a poor budget compromise that would trade off some regulatory protections for about $100 million in new revenue from a long overdue gas extraction tax as part of an overall package to reduce a $2.2 billion deficit.FOX 43: Gov. Wolf Makes Effort to Close State’s Budget GapGov. Wolf said “House Republicans have again proven themselves incapable of completing their constitutional duty. So, I’m going to manage the finances of the commonwealth, until the House sees fit to do what it’s supposed to do.” Wolf said he’s now taking matters into his own hands to make up for the state’s $2.2 billion budget gap. Part of that plan includes trimming government services, and borrowing $1.25 billion from the Liquor Control Board.WJAC: Wolf Blasts House Republicans for ‘Failing to Deliver on Budget’Wolf said since no budget is in place, he has borrowed profits from the state’s liquor system. Those profits are expected to raise $1.25 billion and will reduce the need for additional temporary borrowing to pay bills. “Although we have yet to discuss the proposal as a Board or begin to delve into details of a potential arrangement, we pledge to work collaboratively with the Governor’s Budget Office to explore a revenue-backed contract to deliver significant immediate revenue while capitalizing on the PLCB’s long-term profitability,” read a portion of a statement from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook:   SHARE  TWEET Budget News,  Round-Up,  The Blog Harrisburg, PA – On Wednesday, Governor Wolf held a press conference to address the current lack of a finalized state budget due to repeated failure and obstruction by GOP lawmakers.“I’ve had enough of the games,” Governor Wolf said. “House Republicans again failed to deliver on a budget agreement. Over the past several months, I have been flexible and patient as they have repeatedly failed to agree amongst themselves on how to approach the budget.”“They have made it clear that they would rather see me fail than Pennsylvania succeed. In the absence of a compromise revenue plan getting to my desk, I am going to take action to manage our state’s finances.”The governor explained his plan to manage Pennsylvania’s finances and called for the legislature to immediately vote on the widely supported severance tax proposal.Take a look at the coverage: SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more