Sam Waterston Our Democracy Needs a WakeUp Call

first_imgActor Sam Waterston (Law & Order, The Newsroom) and Every Voice Center president and CEO Nick Nyhart penned a piece for MNBSC on why they are joining activists on their march from Philadelphia to DC calling for leaders in Washington to fix the broken democracy.Thousands more activists will meet the Democracy Spring marchers in DC for the Democracy Awakening April 16-18. Both efforts will use non-violent civil disobedience to call on Congress to ensure every American’s right to vote is protected, to take on big money in politics, and to consider the Supreme Court nominee.“Everyone knows it: Congress is dysfunctional,” they wrote on MSNBC. “Everyone knows a big part of the reason why is money in politics and the lack of election reform. That’s why we’re joining the Democracy Spring march this week as it passes through Baltimore on its way from Philadelphia to Washington. Please join us for part of the way or the whole trip. The time is now to give our Democracy a wake up call.“As Americans, we take pride in our values of democracy for all and government of, by, and for the people. Throughout the history of our nation, there has always been a struggle to broaden our democracy and form a more perfect union.“As part of the Democracy Spring, hundreds of Americans from all over the country are marching from Philadelphia, through Baltimore, to Washington, D.C., in a people-powered movement to demand change. Thousands more will converge on Washington, D.C., next week as part of the Democracy Awakening. Both efforts will use nonviolent civil disobedience to shake up business as usual on Capitol Hill.“We have the power to fix our system of government — yet we need more Americans to demand action from our leaders.“Together, we can show our political leaders that enough is enough. It’s time to push forward serious solutions that will restore power to everyday people in our democracy.”To read the full MSNBC piece and find out more, click here.last_img read more