Sania Mirza shuts down troll who wished her on Pakistan’s Independence Day

first_imgSania Mirza shut fans on Twitter on Tuesday, who tried to troll her regarding Pakistan’s Independence Day.Sania has often faced trolls regarding the Independence Day after her marriage with Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik back in April 2010. With Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 and India’s a day later on August 15, fans have often taken sly digs at her and tried to ask her about celebrating Independence Day.Independence Day 2018 LiveBut, this time, Sania was having none of it. The Indian tennis stat made it clear that her Independence Day is on August 15 and not August 14.One of Sania’s followers called Romeo Gold 2.0 on Tuesday tweeted to the ace tennis player, “Happy Independence Day @MirzaSania..aapka independence day aaj hi hai na (Your Independence Day must be today).”To which, Saina quickly replied: “Jee nahi…mera aur mere country ka Independence Day kal hai, aur mere husband aur unnki country ka aaj!! (No. My country and my Independence Day is tomorrow while my husband and his country’s is today.) Hope your confusion is cleared!! Waise aapka kab hai?? (When is yours?) Since you seem very confused..”Sania’s reply forced the Romeo Gold 2.0 to delete his tweet. But, that was not the end of it. Other people also tweeted the same to her and she responded again to silence the people, who tried to make fun of her.Jee nahi.. mera aur mere country ka Independence Day kal hai, aur mere husband aur unnki country ka aaj!! Hope your confusion is cleared !!Waise aapka kab hai?? Since you seem very confused .. Mirza (@MirzaSania) August 14, 2018Despite the trolls, Sania also took to Twitter to wish her Pakistani fans on the eve of the country’s Independence Day, writing: “Happy Independence Day to my Pakistani fans and friends !! best wishes and love from your Indian Bhabi,”Her post was soon flooded with hate messages and they tried to humiliate her for marrying a Pakistani.”We dont need your well wishes, you got married to a pakistani guy, you should be living in pakistan, what kind of marriage is this? Stay there for rest of your life, look at waseem akram wife who is a gori but she lives in pak with her hubby, thats y she got more respect from us,” a Twitter user replied to the post put up by Sania.And, she again responded to that by saying that she didn’t ask for anybody’s opinion on her life and they should just calm down.”Awee.. calm down!! Don’t take the wishes ‘if you don’t need them’ also remember when I asked for your opinion on my life??? Yuppp- me neither !!!! peace out,” she replied.Awee.. calm down!! Dont take the wishes if you dont need them also remember when I asked for your opinion on my life ??? Yuppp- me neither !!!! peace out Mirza (@MirzaSania) August 14, 2018However, someone was nice enough and asked her not to take these seriously and she replied back by saying that this much troll is not enough to disrupt her piece of mind.I am smiling 🙂 its gonna take muchhhhhh more than a troll on social media to take over my brain … thank you for your wishes Mirza (@MirzaSania) August 14, 2018Sania, who celebrated her eighth marriage anniversary with Shoaib on April 12, 2018, is also expecting her first child and has pulled out of the Asian Games 2018 due to pregnancy. However, her support for India remains stronger than ever and it will continue to do so.last_img read more

China city curbs dog walking, bans them in parks, stadiums

first_imgBeijing, Nov 6 (AP) A city in southwestern China has banned dog walking during the daytime and banished the pets entirely from parks, shopping centers, sports facilities and other public spaces.The ordinance issued by the city of Wenshan in Yunnan province on Oct. 29 has been called the most restrictive in a nation where dog ownership has long been subject to tight regulations.Under communist China’s founder Mao Zedong, pet ownership was considered a bourgeois affection but it has revived over recent decades with Chinese being more affluent but having smaller families.Many cities, however, still maintain rules on what size dogs can live in what areas, with the capital Beijing banning large dogs from the city center.However, Wenshan’s ban appears to go well beyond that by saying dogs can only be outside before 7 a.m. and after 10 p.m.It also says dog leashes cannot be longer than 1 meter (3 feet) and dogs can only be walked by adults.(AP) AMSAMSlast_img read more