Corruption Overwhelming Legislature

first_imgOpposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has branded the 53rd National Legislature as a group of individuals “overwhelmed by rampant corruption.”The party through its national chairman, George Solo, indicated that attempts by the Legislature to increase the fees for legislative contestants in the upcoming election represented a “high degree of corruption that should be resisted by all well-meaning Liberians.”The Legislature recently opened discussions on the fees for both categories of the Legislature and is close to passing said law that requires politicians interested in contesting the senatorial election to pay US$7,500 in order to be registered on the ballot.In a Daily Observer interview over the weekend, Mr. Solo frowned on the manner in which lawmakers agreed to increase the fees under the new election laws, adding; “The Legislature is intoxicated from all the corruption they are involved with in this country.”According to the CDC Chairman, “The party is saddened by the action of the Legislature to increase fees for senatorial candidates from US$700 in 2005 to US$7,500 in the ensuing Special Senatorial Election of 2014,” The CDC Chairman added.He noted, “If their argument is about adding value to the Legislature then their judgment is poor and misled.”“If they say the focus of value is finance, then it tells you the thoughts of the people making the laws for us. I think the focus of value should be fairness, equality, hope and possibility; as these are all of the things that inspire patriotism,” chairman Solo said.“If we say the best land should be given to the one with the most money,” Solo continued; “Then the best land should not be occupied by someone that has lots of resources but with limited interest in the people that are affected by that land.Acquisition is selfish, and we must do something to stop it so those that have stolen public resources can’t use it against the masses. Now they are telling us if you put the value of money on something then it raises national value? If that’s the case, then we should put a price on respect, accountability and honesty. If we can do that, I would be more than comfortable with that concept.”He maintained that the Legislature clearly showed their level of insincerity on Capitol Hill and that it is affecting the Liberian people.CDC considered the new law a “clever attempt to exclude qualified personalities with little income from participating in a process that stands to change the destiny of the people.”Meanwhile, CDC has declined to comment on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s grandnephew’s presentation at the National Oil and Gas Roundtable discussion in Monrovia.The first family is receiving mixed reactions from the public for inviting 17-year-old Estrada Bernard, III, to make a presentation at an oil and gas meeting a few weeks ago.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Presidential Candidate Kennedy Sandy Again? Where Is the LTP’s Platform He Promised?

first_imgIn response to our Editorial of Wednesday, November 9, 2016, in which we said that the standard bearer of the Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), Rev. Kennedy Sandy, had behaved like Pontius Pilate, the Reverend the very next day paid a visit to the Daily Observer office.Following a cordial and useful discussion, Rev. Sandy promised to send us a copy of his party’s Platform, upon which we, too, promised that we would publish a comprehensive story, absolutely free of charge. Alas, even after several follow-up calls and visits to his party headquarters, during which our reporters were never favored with a face to face meeting with the LTP standard bearer, we have not yet received a copy of the LTP platform!Yet at the dedication of LTP’s Paynesville office earlier this week, the party’s acting chair, Aloysius D. Wolloh, declared that “Liberians want leaders who are capable of transformation.”Liberians, he insisted, need leaders “with a sense of direction to transform their lives for the better.”Here again, we are fed with Hamlet’s “Words, words, words.”What kind of “transformation in the lives of the Liberian people for the better” can we expect from political leaders who cannot keep a fitting promise—a promise even in his own interest?Where is the platform, Rev. Sandy? Following your promise, we were sure you would have been the very first party leader in this 2017 political season to produce a platform for the Liberian people to see what stuff you are made of.Alas! You have turned out to be just another typical politician who makes promises they have no intention of keeping. Most politicians we know, and even those we do not know—for that is the nature of the beast—make high sounding utterances couched in great, impressive promises they have no intention of keeping. The aim, all too frequently is deception, just to get votes, and after that, they quickly forget not just their promises, but most especially the people who believed in these politicians and took them seriously. Pontius Pilate, you have got to do better, if you want the Liberian people to believe you and take you seriously.For starts, bring the platform, and bring it today. Otherwise, the people will think that you, your partisans and your party are intellectually bankrupt—with no ideas, but high sounding utterances about “transformation,” when you have failed the first transformation test—being true to yourselves and others.You and all other politicians should be constantly aware and never forget what happened in Liberia’s past two elections of 2006 and 2011, when most politicians fooled the Liberian people; for as soon as most of them took power, they forgot about the people and started looking mostly after themselves, their families and friends.We earnestly pray that the Liberian electorate will not yet again be mesmerized (hypnotized) by meaningless, hypocritical promises, couched in money and bags of rice, and be hoodwinked into choosing another dismal future by voting in politicians who will seek only their own selfish interests.No! This time, let us exercise our franchise with a high degree of self-respect and love for our country, by voting in people we are reasonably sure will truly and faithfully seek our interests, in a conscientious and solemn bid to move our country and people forward. Let us elect those who are committed to change decisively the direction of our country, determined to lift us out of ignorance, poverty and disease and lead us to development and prosperity. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more