Bob Barker Speaks Out Against Pigeon Shoots

first_imgThe indomitable animal defender and iconic former host of ‘The Price Is Right,’ Bob Barker has fired off letters to officials demanding animal cruelty investigations take place into the live pigeon shoots currently allowed in Pennsylvania.Letters were sent to current Attorney General Linda L. Kelly, Governor Tom Corbett, and official candidates running for the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General this year, Kathleen Kane and David Freed appealing them to enforce PA Humane Law 5511 against the horrific animal cruelty occurring at the pigeon shoots.Part of the letter states: “It is very distressing to me personally to see such appalling cruelty. This is not a hunt or sport, but a massacre of the cruelest kind. SHARK’s most recent video filmed at the Wing Pointe hunting club documents unspeakable acts of violence against docile, semi-tame and even banded pigeons.”Well-known for his tireless work helping animals, Bob Barker was so appalled at the cruelty towards pigeons depicted in the most recent footage filmed at Wing Pointe hunting club by SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) on September 30th, and hearing how as yet, no-one had been prosecuted for animal cruelty, he decided to pen letters to officials. Barker goes on to say, “It is equally disturbing to me to watch not only adults committing the abuse, but also young boys being indoctrinated into such gratuitous violence. As I am sure you are aware, teaching children such heartless cruelty and careless behavior toward animals leads down a very dangerous path.”Pennsylvania is the one of only a few states to still allow live pigeon shoots, which are held openly, mostly at private hunting and gun clubs. Approximately 22,000 birds are used as targets every year and are generally captured from the streets of New York or are ex-homing pigeons, ex racing pigeons and sold by farmers. Only a very small percentage survive, the majority are not killed outright and either die slowly from their wounds or are horrifically executed by the pigeon shooters themselves by stomping, kicking, swinging them around by their necks, smashing against objects and decapitation.Find out more about SHARK here.last_img read more

Edmonton mayor encourages citizens to learn about Aboriginal people

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe mayor of Edmonton is addressing fears among business people and others in his community about the city’s rising urban Aboriginal population.Edmonton is poised to become the largest Aboriginal community in Canada.As Keith Laboucan reports, the mayor’s message is people best get used to it.last_img