UN envoy to Liberia urges donors to aid JohnsonSirleafs new administration

In a press statement released today, Alan Doss, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Liberia, said during Wednesday’s meeting he also thanked the officials for their continued support to Liberia and the UN.The establishment of a democratically elected Government in Liberia culminates the peace process envisaged in the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 18 August 2003. During this period, the UN mission in Liberia (UNMIL) supported national efforts to achieve the transition to democracy by providing a secure environment, something Mr. Doss said would continue.“Security and good governance are prerequisites for foreign investment and trade. UNMIL stands ready to support the new administration and create a secure environment that will help attract foreign investment to Liberia,” he said.“While UNMIL will work on consolidating the peace, the United Nations agencies in Liberia will focus on moving the country towards the path of sustainable development,” Mr. Doss added.According to the statement, the main issues that were discussed included the restructuring of the Liberia National Police and the Armed Forces of Liberia, as well as resettlement and reintegration of war-affected communities, including ex-combatants.The agenda also touched on public sector reform, the provision of basic services, infrastructure development, road rehabilitation and reform of the judicial system.In his message at Monday’s inauguration of Ms. Sirleaf, who was inaugurated on Monday as the first woman elected to lead an African nation, the Secretary-General acknowledged that her administration faces a number of pressing challenges in a country still reeling from the effects of war but he called on the international community to help her overcome these hurdles. read more