ADT developments – Volvo Liebherr and Terex news

first_imgVolvo demonstrated a range of innovations in the articulated hauler sector at the recent Bauma exhibition in Munich. One of them was the Hauler Chassis program, which provides bodybuilders with a modular system that forms the basis for several other superstructure versions. This program “gives bodybuilders the appropriate support throughout the design and build phase,” says Nikolay Konovalov, the company’s global product marketing specialist for articulated haulers. It is not only Volvo that has made recent moves in the ADT market though – Liebherr and Terex have also launched new machines.Konovalov on the program: “Volvo has developed a dedicated webportal, where drawings, diagrams and technical instructions to perform suitable work on a hauler chassis can be found. There is also clarification about legal responsibilities, warranty conditions and the possibility to contact Volvo experts for additional help if needed, so that the complete vehicle can perform its task safely, efficiently and economically.”On Volvo’s outdoor area exhibit at Bauma, two medium platform haulers, the A25E and A30E were joined by one large platform machine, the A40E FS, featuring ATC – Automatic Traction Control. The Full Suspension (denoted by an ‘FS’ in the machine designation) provides good off-road performance, allowing a fully loaded hauler to travel at much higher speeds, appearing to float over rough ground without bouncing, significantly increasing operator comfort, which, in turn, increases overall productivity. When travelling empty, return trips are also substantially faster due to the smooth, stable ride even over rough conditions, further decreasing the overall working cycle time.The Volvo FS system features automatic levelling and stability control. The system constantly monitors the position of the axles, with the help of sensors, adapting the suspension to suit the changing conditions, absorbing rough spots and keeping the machine level while travelling, loading or dumping. Vibration levels are also considerably lower than in conventional machines, and by providing a smoother ride, operators experience less fatigue.Liebherr became the new entrant in the ADT market at Bauma. The 30 t capacity TA230 displayed is the first model in a range that will cover the 30 to 50 t categories. The next release will be a 40 t unit. For the TA230, transport width 3 m, Liebherr claims it has the largest dump body in its class at 19.2 m3.This 6 x 6 truck has three rigid axles, oil-cooled wet brakes, automatic transmission and a torque converter, with 270 kW of power from the engine. The top forward speed is 57 km/h, while in reverse an electronic limiter keeps the maximum speed to 16 km/h.The newly launched Terex TA300 and TA400 ADTs benefit from design-features that help increase productivity and enhance operator comfort, even in the toughest of working conditions. Both have oil-cooled, multiple-disc brakes on each axle, which provide extended brake component life, reduce service intervals and operating costs, and improve overall braking performance compared to traditional dry-disc brake systems that are standard on other trucks. Service brake life is further increased by the use of a Jacobs® compression-release engine brake for retardation. A hydraulic transmission retarder is available as an option.Terex says the TA300 (which replaces the TA30 model) is the only hauler in the 30-t market that comes with fully independent front suspension (IFS) as standard. The IFS system provides a smooth ride when travelling over severe terrain, which makes it easier to handle and helps increase productivity. In addition to achieving quicker haul cycles, shock loads and vibrations are also lessened – increasing component life and enhancing operator comfort to help reduce driver fatigue.Owners of the TA300 also benefit from the high power and torque (287 kW, 1,775 Nm). This performance, coupled with the 100% differential locking action, enables the TA300 to tackle the most challenging grades and extreme site conditions.The larger TA400 articulated truck (which replaces the TA40) boasts a payload capacity of 38 t and a heaped capacity of 23.3 m3. It has a maximum torque of 1,350 Nm at 2,100 rpm, and with six forward gears and one reverse in addition to a two-speed drop box, the TA400 can travel up to 60 km/h.George McNeil, Product Manager for Terex® articulated trucks, said “The TA300 is a force to be reckoned with in the 30-t articulated truck market as it’s the only truck that is fitted with independent front suspension as standard, has great fuel economy and the highest torque and power in its class. In both the TA300 and the TA400, everything has been carefully considered to enhance operator comfort and help increase owners’ productivity levels, from the new ergonomic cab to the oil-cooled disc brakes – it’s all designed with our customers’ needs in mind.”last_img read more